IT Support for Nonprofits: Find Out How an MSP Can Help with This Guide

Jul 31, 2023

Ever wondered how managed IT can help your nonprofit organization make the most out of its IT processes? There’s an ULTIMATE guide for that, compiled by Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS).

You’re on a mission to make the world better, but are you really capitalizing on your IT potential?

As a nonprofit organization, you may be spending more time trying to handle the nuances of IT work than doing what you actually love.

If you’ve been feeling overworked, understaffed, or unable to realize your vision because of so much IT work, then you’re in luck!

There’s an ULTIMATE guide that can help.

Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS), a managed IT provider, recently published “The Ultimate Guide to Managed IT for Nonprofit Organizations." The guide details everything your nonprofit group needs to know before hiring a managed services provider (MSP).

From elaborating on the most common services offered by MSPs to tackling the pros and cons of using managed services, the online guide is essential for any business owner or executive looking to delegate certain IT tasks to a professional third-party organization.

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The guide explains why some of the reasons why nonprofit organizations may be looking for an MSP. An MSP offers a variety of services, depending on what the client needs, and since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managed IT services, you must carefully select a provider that best fits your business and financial goals.

ITS says that the biggest advantage of hiring an MSP is ensuring more efficient operations. MSPs can help optimize various administrative tasks, such as accounting, project management, and document management, among other things. An MSP may also suggest new technologies to enhance your existing systems.

The guide also points to some of the disadvantages of using an MSP, such as loss of security and control and a higher risk for cybercrime. While all MSPs have dozens of security measures in place to protect sensitive data, they are also more prone to cyberattacks.

You can access the full guide through the ITS website or opt to get it via email to keep it available when needed.

ITS is an experienced IT support provider for businesses across all industries. It serves clients from Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Olympia, Phoenix, Portland, Reno, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

Nonprofit organizations can book a no-obligation FREE meeting with the group to discuss how to use IT to better manage their processes.

ITS says, "Choosing an MSP is all about finding the right fit. What's best for some may not necessarily be the best for you."

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