Irvine Orthodontists Search Box Optimization: Dental Marketing Tool For Ranking

Nov 16, 2023

Attention Irvine dentists! If you’re spinning your wheels trying to attract new patients, My Tooth Media’s (+1-213-215-5772) autocomplete optimization service can jump your practice to the top of search suggestions – right when prospective patients are searching for a dentist near them.

When someone searches for a pizza shop, book store, or auto mechanic on Google, they're usually presented with a drop-down menu showing suggested searches.

Autocomplete suggestions appear for most searches and can significantly increase a business's website traffic. So securing a top spot when someone searches "Irvine dentists" or "pediatric dentist in Irvine" places you in the spotlight right when prospective patients are seeking dental care.

Learn how you can appear in every organic listing on the first page of Google and Bing by visiting

My Tooth Media now crafts customized autocomplete optimization campaigns with significantly higher click-through rates and exclusivity in chosen keywords.

The agency developed its solution with the goal of providing a unique marketing strategy to enhance online presence and brand awareness for dental offices and oral health professionals in Irvine, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and across Orange County. The Search Box Optimization (SBO) service is intended to help you outshine your competitors by appearing prominently when prospective patients search for specific dental services or dentists in your area. The optimization service amplifies your practice's visibility in Google and YouTube autocomplete search suggestions, effectively attracting new patients to inquire about your services or schedule an appointment.

According to research by SEO experts at Backlinko, Google searchers utilize Google's autocomplete suggestions 23% of the time. People who perform informational and local searches tend to click on an autocomplete suggestion more often than those searching with commercial queries. Capturing the viewer's attention in the search box by appearing as a suggested result can give you a competitive advantage in reaching prospective patients.

My Tooth Media will collaborate with your dental practice to determine the optimal keywords and phrases that your ideal patients typically use when searching online. The autocomplete optimization experts will then employ proven ranking techniques to get your practice prominently displayed for those high-value keywords.

The service provides dentists in Irvine and Orange County with exclusive rights to their chosen keyword phrases. Competitors cannot bid on or use the same phrases, ensuring that your dental practice appears alone as the suggested search result. This drives more new patient calls and bookings by putting your location top-of-mind before competing practices.

My Tooth Media highlights that the service works across desktop and all mobile devices, capturing both local Irvine-area searches as well as prospective patients nationally searching for Irvine dentists. Daily search analytics provide insights into the types of keywords generating traffic to help you refine your optimization plan.

"In the past, the only way to truly compete online was to spend countless hours on SEO and tolerate the endless cycle of pay-per-click ads,” says a spokesperson for 'My Tooth Media.' “But now, with our autocomplete optimization strategy, you can leapfrog competitors, ditch the expensive ad spend, and dominate the first page of organic search results.”

You've put in the work to build an amazing dental practice. Don't let your online presence hold you back from reaching more patients!

Visit today to learn more and claim top placement in Irvine dentist searches!

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