Iowa Rotary Bagger Systems Offer Performance-Enhancing Bag-Forming Capabilities

May 10, 2024

Looking for vertical form-fill-and-seal (VFFS) machinery that can form and handle a wide range of pouch styles and materials? Then check out these VFFS rotary baggers from the Midwest’s expert providers of F&B processing and packaging solutions, Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850).

Does your VFFS machinery need an upgrade? If your equipment isn’t handling as wide a range of pouch styles and product types as you’d like, you could be missing out on some serious performance- and revenue-boosting benefits, including major time and cost savings.

Pack & Inspect Group’s VFFS rotary baggers from UVA Packaging, a division of global industry leader VDL Group, offer you those benefits. Their machines are capable of processing up to 9 different types of pouches at speeds up to 120 per minute with fast changeover rates, offering highly reliable performance and efficient operations. Get all the details here:

VFFS Tech Maintains its Popularity in the Industry

If you're considering upgrading your VFFS machines or acquiring new ones, you're in good company. VFFS technology continues to be a popular choice in the F&B processing and packaging industry, thanks to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and versatile handling capacities.

Enjoy Outstanding Cost-Effectiveness

VFFS machines especially excel in terms of their cost-effectiveness, as they typically occupy less floor space, use less packaging material, and have faster changeover times compared to other packaging technologies.

The F&B packaging and processing experts at Pack & Inspect Group appreciate these advantages and want you to reap full benefits with top-of-the-line VFFS machinery. Their Newton TX Series, for example, takes up 70% less floor space than conventional DOY-style (doypack-style) packaging lines and can process 75 pouches per minute.

Enjoy Maximum Economy with the Butler 4 Series

If you're looking for the best benefits in terms of versatility and cost savings, then look no further than Pack & Inspect Group's Butler 4 Series machines. It features a former that is compatible with other formers across various brands, and its program-selectable cross-jaw opening allows maximum output with different bag sizes.

Better yet, its intermittent motion capabilities give you the pouch and product handling flexibility you need, allowing the machine to accommodate a wide range of pouch styles and quickly adjust to different packaging materials and product types.

The Newton 1 Series: High Speeds & All-Servo Motion Tech

Pack & Inspect Group’s 8 other VFFS machines are also capable of handling many different packaging materials and pouch types.

With the Newton 1 Series, you'll be able to handle 10 bag styles - including pillow, block bottom, gusseted, corner crease, corner seal, and more - at maximum speeds between 70 and 120 bags per minute. Its all-servo motion technology allows precise control over your applications’ speed, position, and torque, so you can repeat them many times with a high degree of accuracy.

Enjoy Versatility in Packaging Materials, Too

These machines are versatile enough to process many different kinds of packaging materials as well, including polyethylene, polyester, and polypropylene. Polyethylene and polyester are known for their durability, while polypropylene is known for its clarity, giving products high visibility.

More F&B Technologies to Choose from

Besides VFFS machinery, Pack & Inspect Group offers several other types of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical inspection, packaging, and conveying equipment. On their website, you'll find profiles of best-in-class horizontal form-fill-and-seal machines, metal detectors, X-ray inspection machines, checkweighers, vision systems, and more.

Pack & Inspect Group brings over 100 years of combined industry experience to their manufacturer partnerships and client consultations. You can get in touch with company representatives in Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska to discuss your applications.

With Pack & Inspect Group's VFFS machines, improved performance and revenue potential will be "in the bag" for you in no time! Learn more at

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