Invest In A Squid Game Inspired Crypto Token & Tracking App For Your Portfolio

Oct 28, 2021

Are you looking for a green light on your next cryptocurrency investment? Would you like an easier way to monitor your crypto portfolio? Then get involved with Quid Ika’s Squid Game-inspired token and their crypto portfolio tracking app, Quidity, today!

If you're like many others worldwide, you've probably been enthralled by the popular Netflix show Squid Game. If you're also crypto enthusiast as well, then now is the time to invest in Quid Ika and its associated crypto tracking application, Quidity. 

With the recent launch, you can get access to a cryptocurrency platform that offers an all-in-one place for monitoring your crypto portfolio, as well as stay up to date on the news and trends in the industry.

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As a Crypto enthusiast, you can also invest in Quid Ika's newly released community-owned token, ‘Quid Ika,’ which was founded by a team of experienced crypto developers, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has seen considerable growth in recent times due to their ability to tap into the trends of mainstream media. This implementation has seen the rise of many coins and assets that are connected to global interests. With Quid Ika's latest token and application launch, you can take your love of Netflix’s Squid Game to a whole new level.

Despite Quid Ika being inspired by a television show with a strong meme factor, the token also has a high functioning utility, which is rare these days. With an engaged community and a professional development team, the company has created a token that has multiple streams to generate revenue, with the Quidity app being one of those sources.

With a desire to inspire others to develop tokens, Quid Ika also incorporates an Ikasystem Launchpad, where you can create your own new Ika token. The launchpad offers you a range of resources, such as web development, contract creation, liquidity lock, and free marketing.

Details can be found here

The Quidity application currently has thousands of daily users and offers live charts and dex trades, making it ideal if you want a clear and transparent platform for monitoring the crypto market.

When founding their Squid Game-inspired community token, they decided to go with the name 'Quid Ika', along with the ticker 'Quid'. By total accident, they realized that when adding the $ symbol for the ticker, it created ‘$QUID’, which looks like 'squid'. Serendipity at its finest. The word 'quid' is also British slang for ‘pound'. Additionally, 'Ika' means squid in Japanese, further adding to the Squid Game connection. The community also plans to incorporate into their own ‘Quid Game’ in the future.

A spokesperson for Quid Ika said, “We wanted to create a coin that combined both utility and a meme factor to make things fun and keep users engaged.”

Know when you have the red light or green light on your crypto investments with Quid Ika's latest tracking application, Quidity, and their Squid Game-inspired token today!

For more information on the Quidity app, visit where you can sign-up to list on the platform.

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