Inspiring Arty Long-Sleeve T-Shirts With NYC Murals: Gifts For Graffiti Lovers

Feb 29, 2024

With Sarah James Jazz Merch, you’ll find a great range of artistic, creative, graffiti-themed T-shirts with street art from all across New York!

Sarah James is a born and bred New Yorker, and loves to stroll the city to find great-looking graffiti before it gets washed away. She takes photos of the best designs before they get trashed, and now she's turning those images into clothing!

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Perfect for fans of graffiti

The ‘We Rise By Lifting Others’ design was found on 6th Street in the East Village towards the end of 2023 - and while it has since been covered at least four times according to Sarah, she appreciates the core message - championing the ability for people to come together in unity and support, despite any challenges.

The T-shirt features a woman's face set against a vibrant background of pink and orange shades and is available in base color options of black, red, blue, purple, green, and pink - allowing you to select the hue that best suits your style.

Made-to-order in the US

Each T-shirt is manufactured and shipped within the US, and you can expect to receive your order 7-12 days after ordering. The shirts are created using 100% preshrunk cotton with further quality details like shoulder-to-shoulder taping, ribbed cuffs, and concealed seams for improved comfort and durability.

Sarah James was born in Brooklyn and raised in the surrounding metropolitan area. Her passion for music was ignited early on through the musical talents of her grandfather, an Irish immigrant from County Cork who often played traditional accordion, and she was also influenced by her parents' jazz record collection - featuring Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra.

From flip-fops to print-on-demand T-shirts

The Graffiti T-shirt range adds to the full collection of apparel and accessories featuring bold prints inspired by New York City. Other products include candles and leggings as well as flip flops, necklaces, and more.

Sarah James states: “I started to design mugs in 2016 and kind of stalled because other issues took over. But now I'm back up to speed and creating T-shirts, necklaces, pillowcases, and other useable items for the house, home, and personal space. I am using my photographs and excerpts from my poetry on the mugs and other items.”

Want to look the part with clothes that are a little different from your standard choices? You’re in the right place!

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