Injured In A Car Accident? Long Island Residents Can Just Remember to Ask 4 SAM

Sep 7, 2022

Car accidents can cause life-altering injuries for Long Island Residents. The Law Firm of Silberstein, Awad, and Miklos has got those residents covered. They can simply remember to ASK4SAM by calling (877)ASK4SAM or visiting to get a free consultation.

Injured In A Car Accident? Long Island Residents Can Just Remember to Ask 4 SAM

Long Island residents who have been injured in a car accident generally have around two or three years to file a claim for that car accident lawsuit. The time is often shorter if a loved one was lost in the accident, as there is usually only a two-year period to file when a wrongful death claim is involved. If the defendant happens to be a government entity, notice of a claim must be filed within 90 days, with no more than one year and 90 days from the accident being the allotted amount of time for the lawsuit to commands. This means Long Island residents and all New Yorkers have very limited time to figure out what their rights are and how to best pursue them.

New Yorkers injured in Nassua County or Suffolk County (Long Island) would be well advised to speak to an experienced automobile accident injury attorney, like the attorneys at the law firm of Silberstein, Awad, and Miklos (a.k.a. “SAM”). “It is strongly suggested that all New York residents remember that if they’re hurt due to the negligence of another, to simply remember to ‘ASK 4 SAM,’ by calling 877-ASK4SAM, or visit,” said a spokesperson for the company. Free case evaluations for car accident injuries can be set up by visiting the company’s website:

There is never a definitive timeline that applies to any and all car accident claims that happen within the various boroughs of New York City, or New York State at-large. There are always numerous factors going into each particular accident that happens, and almost always these involve back and forth with insurance companies, as well as experts who could be called in to testify about the catastrophic nature of the damages.

Filing personal injury claims in personal injury lawsuits with the help of an attorney after an auto accident has happened is one of the best ways to make sure fair compensation is had. A negligent driver or the negligent parties should be responsible for covering all medical care and property damage caused due to their negligence in the motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely payout maximum compensation of their own free volition oh, and instead it’s usually important to work with personal injury lawyers who know how to work with and communicate with the insurance policy issuer. ” Insurance companies are businesses,” said the spokesperson for the firm,” and while Insurance definitely covers traffic accidents in general oh, they often times wish to pay out the minimum amount of money in order to keep their costs down oh, and an experienced car accident lawyer can be the difference between having a hundred percent of all medical costs and loss of income covered, and a meager settlement that covers only a small amount of the total damages and injury. Catastrophic injuries can leave the injury victims with potentially millions of dollars in medical costs, therapy, lost wages, as well as significant diminishment of quality of life. It is crucial that the injured parties understand their rights before accepting any settlement with insurance carriers. Sometimes accepting an insurance carriers settlement offer may be sufficient, but if there were significant injuries, it is absolutely important to make sure that those things will be covered in the future.

The law firm of Silberstein, Awad, and Miklos covers numerous types of accident cases, including automobile accidents, bus accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents, and they specialize in making sure both economic and non-economic damages are factored into any final settlements or judgments that their clients are awarded. This can even include punitive damages that help hold the responsible party own up to the full damages. Such individuals may have been engaged in distracted driving, drunk driving, or reckless driving, and the legal team at ASK4SAM are experts in making sure that accident victims are protected. As auto accident attorneys, with multiple offices throughout New York City, including multiple offices serving Long Island, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties, ASK4SAM prides itself on the hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews they’ve received from their many clients.

One review of the Long Island Injury Lawyers’ on their Google Business Profile states: “Silberstein Awad Miklos is a superlative firm, providing exemplary legal services. Everyone is wonderful…. highly recommend them they are professional, knowledgeable, and understanding! Will definitely use them again in the future if needed.” ( “Injured in Long Island? Just remember to ASK4SAM by calling 877-ASK4SAM or visiting,” said the spokesperson. “Consultations are always free, and there is never any fee unless and until a settelment or judement is rendered in favor of the client.”

The New York Injury Law Firm recently also established a hotline for New York residents who have were injured by the toxic water at Camp Lejeune, NC from 1953 to 1987, 888-6-LEJEUNE.

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