Increase Local Leads & Sales With Proximity Beacon Marketing From This Maryland Expert

Oct 19, 2018

A Maryland based digital marketing expert has announced it can help clients get more leads and sales through proximity advertising. It provides a tailored customer experience with unique promotions.

  • increase local leads amp sales with proximity beacon marketing from this marylan
  • increase local leads amp sales with proximity beacon marketing from this marylan
  • increase local leads amp sales with proximity beacon marketing from this marylan

Slim Media and Marketing has announced it can help businesses in any niche to reach more buyers, increase lead generation, and get more sales through beacon and proximity marketing. Clients can use the technology at any location or become a walking billboard sign anytime, anywhere.

More information can be found at:

Through harnessing the power of beacon advertising, businesses can target foot traffic outside their premises all day long. In addition to this, companies can give beacons to their employees, allowing them to harvest leads wherever they go.

One of the key benefits to using beacon marketing is that it allows businesses to provide incentives for shoppers to enter a retail store. With high quality proximity marketing, companies can showcase compelling incentives and proximity advertisements to get new customers walking through the door.

Companies can send sales offers while people are in the store, passing the store, or entering a specific location like a mall or shopping center. Businesses can send leads to their online store, send them to book an appointment or service, and more.

This means that companies in any field can get endless marketing opportunities and possibilities for both online and offline sales. Targeted advertising like this can send users to landing pages, promotions, videos, or booking software.

Beacon devices like this are becoming increasingly popular, because they allow businesses to finely tailor their marketing, bring in new leads, and advertise with existing customers in equal measure.

Slim Media and Marketing can help companies to send Bluetooth Low Energy signals to smartphones and tablets in the nearby area. These signals can interact with he apps stored on those devices.

This opens up a whole new field of audience engagement for the client. They can use beacon marketing for location based campaigns, for data collection, and a range of other possibilities.

Full details of the services provided by Slim Media and Marketing are available on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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