Reach More Customers & Engage Local Foot Traffic With Targeted Beacon Marketing From This Bowie Maryland Expert

Mar 13, 2019

Slim Media & Marketing, of Bowie, Maryland, has announced they can get clients more leads and sales through targeted beacon advertising. The company offers individualized lead generation opportunities to bring in more sales.

  • reach more customers amp engage local foot traffic with targeted beacon marketin
  • reach more customers amp engage local foot traffic with targeted beacon marketin
  • reach more customers amp engage local foot traffic with targeted beacon marketin

Slim Media & Marketing, a digital marketing consultant in Bowie, Maryland, has announced it can provide local businesses with expert beacon marketing services. This provides them with tailored, local marketing strategies to bring in more customers, engage prospects, and make more sales.

More information can be found at:

Beacon marketing can help businesses, especially retailers, to drive more traffic, get more customers through their doors, and get more sales for products and services.

In today’s age, where more people than ever before are using their mobile devices on the move, being able to connect with people is crucial. As more consumers use their mobiles and cell phones, and mobile apps become mainstream beacon marketing opens up opportunities for businesses in any field.

The team at Slim Media & Marketing highlights that, using the power of beacon marketing, companies can reach potential buyers 100 yards away from the beacon in question. This means they can transform their location into a walking billboard sign that can be used any time, anywhere.

Businesses are therefore able to target the foot traffic that passes their store or comes within the store’s vicinity. Similarly, employees are able to become mobile beacons themselves, which allows them to harvest leads wherever they go.

This combines to give businesses a lead generation service with unlimited upside, and helps to improve brand awareness.

Slim Media & Marketing says that their technology can send users to landing pages, promotions, online stores, videos and more. They can also navigate to the business website itself, personal pages, special discounts, or anything else they can think of.

Customers can receive a tailored, individualized user experience through beacon marketing that is unlike any other form of direct marketing. This makes for a great, tangible extension of any digital marketing campaign.

It also gives brick and mortar businesses the same level of flexibility as their online counterparts.

Full details of the benefits of beacon marketing and advertising can be found on the URL above.

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