Improve Your Personal Intuition & Mindfulness – Houston, TX Author Clif Taylor

Nov 25, 2021

Houston, Texas-based author, and instructor Clif Taylor has created a unique self-healing technique that uses 3 distinct steps to improve every aspect of your life.

Do you ever think that maybe you’re taking the wrong approach to fixing your problems? The solution could be easier than you imagine, and it all starts with how you think.

Clif Taylor, the publisher of Connected Spirit Publications and author of several books dedicated to the mind-body-spirit connection, has launched a 3-step technique for heightening your intuition, consciousness, mindfulness, and clarity.

Visit to fill out a questionnaire and receive a free, personalized intuition report.

Recognized for his “extremely genuine” presentation, Taylor is unique in his ability to hold his students’ and readers’ attention as they learn how he discovered his newly launched technique by reverse-engineering how he survived and conquered many extreme challenges, tragedies, and setbacks. Taylor keeps you wanting more as he shows how he applied this practice to his amazing life experiences – from a small boy in Oklahoma to a global contractor working in China, Angola, and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Taylor’s method – titled Clear, Calm, and Open – is a healing technique with benefits that are showing up in all aspects of life – from reducing stress and overwhelm to enhancing intuition, wellness, and spiritual consciousness.

Spelled out in his latest digital book of the same name, Clear, Calm, and Open is accessible to people of all ages and walks of life who may seek enlightenment, higher levels of intuition, consciousness, and mindfulness, or are seeking ways to eliminate stress, gain clarity and balance, and cope with and navigate through life’s struggles.

To help the motivated and the curious get a better feel for this new technique, Taylor has created a complementary questionnaire – available online – that assesses how your personality traits relate to your intuition and your natural ability to reach each of the 3 “levels” in his technique.

Rooted in psychological research, this questionnaire, which is free to all website visitors, is titled “How Intuitive Are You? How Much More Intuitive Could You Be?”. The results are unique to each person and are available via a Personality Report showing your results while highlighting the role that practicing Clear, Calm, and Open play in increasing your intuition, mindfulness, and overall quality of daily life.

Clear, Calm, and Open is a wellness healing technique that leads everyone to their highest level of mental clarity, so their physical, intellectual, and spiritual senses also rise to the same high level – on-demand.

Each element has its own meaning and purpose:

Clear relates to the mind; a mind empty of all thoughts, distractions, and obstacles.

Calm refers to the body; reaching Calm means the body is flowing at a smooth and measured pace and vibration when active or at rest.

Open pertains to the soul – a centered and grounded soul that is pliable and capable of peaceably handling all situations.

Successfully reaching productive levels of Clear, Calm, and Open leads to a greater quality of daily life experiences, among them:

• Stress, adversity, conflict, or confrontations no longer drain good energy.

• Self-awareness becomes your natural guide for peacefully redirecting negativity into positivity and destructive thoughts, attitudes, and actions into productive thoughts, actions, responses, feelings, and attitudes.

• A sense of the Divine in all experiences.

Upon completing the online questionnaire, you will be offered access to your own Personal Clear, Calm, and Open Detailed Report, which will show you more about yourself and how your personality and behavior can help you reach Clear, Calm, and Open; this insight will put you on the pathway to heightened everything – from mindfulness and clarity to intuition and enlightenment.

To ensure you get the most out of what you’ve got and learn how to get more out of what you might not have yet, Taylor has created a “Pathway Package” which includes a pdf copy of Clear, Calm, and Open Raising Your Intuition and Consciousness to Their Highest Level, and access to Clif Taylor’s calendar to schedule a one-on-one Mini session. During the Mini session, Clif will show you how to experience the benefits and multiple applications of the Clear, Calm, and Open healing technique based on your unique personal strengths and potential challenges.

If you feel like the thing holding you back from being your best self, is yourself, then maybe all you need is a new way of approaching your problems. Find out if Clear, Calm, and Open is right for you by filling out the free questionnaire.

Visit to get your own free personalized Intuition Report today.

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