Improve Home Entertainment Areas With A Warranty-Backed Easy Lock Servery Window

May 24, 2023

Make the most of your home entertainment areas with a gas strut pass-through window from OpenUp Windows. Connect your kitchen and your backyard seamlessly with a beautiful feature awning window backed by a 10-year warranty.

You've probably seen them on TV: those gorgeous gas strut feature windows that open with a tap of the finger to connect homeowner kitchens to their outdoor patio and pool areas.

Did you know you can get your own awe-inspiring awning window manufactured to fit your kitchen specs and pre-hung for easy installation? When you partner with the inventor of 2Fold Technology and the industry's first high-design servery window, you get all that, and more.

OpenUp Windows gives you the peace of mind you need when choosing to build in a value-enhancing pass-through window. With over 40 years of window design and engineering experience and a team of dedicated builders, OpenUp Windows offers you industry-leading quality backed by a 10-year warranty. Doesn't get any better than that.

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You can't deny that today’s kitchen and patio areas share dual billing for home gathering focal points. OpenUp Windows’ awning pass-through kitchen windows integrate both these areas seamlessly. With an easy single-handle locking system and a 10-year warranty, OpenUp Windows helps you create more functional home entertainment spaces with a feature servery window built to last.

Ed's message to you: “A gas strut awning servery window not only doubles your entertainment space, but it offers an expansive view of the outdoors and brings a flood of natural light in to brighten your home. With our proprietary 2Fold technology your window is as visually appealing as it is structurally sound, you can bet on it.”

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Having engineered the only high-design version of a pass-through window, Ed combines the natural benefits of sustainable, all-weather pest-proof, and termite-resistant Accoya wood with heavy extruded tubular aluminum, a metal that’s stronger than standard aluminum. This combination is what distinguishes OpenUp servery windows from other styles you might have seen in the industry.

OpenUp Windows come in a full range of standard, ready-to-go sizes, and can also be manufactured to meet custom specifications. Every order comes with the option to include a nail flange, a sill frame, and/or a pleated insect screen that folds up into the top of the window sash. Locking handles come in satin nickel or darkened bronze, and you also have the option to specify a painted frame. Colors are available in black, white, and bronze, or a custom color of your choosing.

Each window is made of 1” insulated glass with tempered, low-e coating to minimize UV rays without impacting the amount of natural light your servery window offers. Factory glazed and pre-hung for easy installation, your window order comes with easy-to-understand installation instructions and live customer support if needed.

With a gas strut smooth OpenUp system warrantied for 10 years, and an easy locking handle for simple open-and-close functionality, OpenUp Windows offers you a long-lasting servery station for the best in home entertainment, and easy access indoor/outdoor living you can enjoy season after season, year after year.

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