Improve Health & Safety With This London Hands-Free Sanitiser Product Design

Feb 23, 2021

Do you want to ensure smooth and seamless business operations and improve safety during the pandemic? Check out this hands-free sanitiser today!

If you’re looking to protect your staff and customers and provide safer hand sanitisation solutions, you’re in the right place. Check out SAVORTEX today to see how they can help you!

London-based SAVORTEX have launched a new smart sanitiser product to help create a safer work environment for clients. The SAVORTEX hand sanitiser was created with efficiency and safety in mind, and allows businesses to lead the fight in the pandemic while protecting their staff and customers.

With this cutting-edge, hands-free option, you can improve health and safety with easy-to-use sanitisation options.

More information can be found at:

The newly launched solution is part of their commitment to ensuring you can combat the pandemic in the most effective way.

One of the issues facing businesses during this difficult time is keeping a safe office environment. Part of this revolves around providing hand sanitiser for staff and customers.

However, research shows that 80% of infections spread through touching surfaces, and traditional hand sanitisers rely on touch to pump out liquid.

Traditional dispensers also provide you with a variety of other issues to face. For example, the only way to know when a pump is depleted is for a customer to inform your staff.

Furthermore, it can be difficult to get a reliably high quality hand sanitiser solution. It’s important for businesses to be able to rely on their sanitisation products for optimal safety and peace of mind.

The team at SAVORTEX created the Smart Hand Sanitizer to combat these issues. They utilised the existing design of their hand dryer, and implemented a redesigned internal approach to create an effective and modern sanitising option.

Benefits include determines in real-time RFiD technology whether employees are sanitising as required. Can generate a discrete email which can be sent to the employee to go and sanitise, or to the building manager of a hygiene risk using GDPR compliant data.

Data-driven hand – hygiene encourages use and significantly improves hand sanitisation behaviour, creating safer, smarter, more hygienic, and sustainable workplace. 

SAVORTEX explains that according to a recent study of UK adults, despite government advice around 12% of people still do not sanitise their hands. They strive to reduce this number by offering their easy-to-use sanitisation devices.

A spokesperson for the company states: “This win-win situation is a huge step for employers and building owners to ensure that the workplace or building is safe, as they need to do under the Health and Safety at Work Act.”

You can find out more info on the link above!

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