Get The Best Hygienic Hand Dryer For Your London UK Office And Start Saving

Jan 25, 2021

SAVORTEX has launched its range of hygienic hand dryers in the City of London area. The range is environmentally friendly, cost efficient, and uses a cloud-based analytics management system.

Do you own or operate an office, public restroom, or company in the City of London area? Have you considered installing hygienic contactless hand dryers to prevent the spread of germs? How much does your company spend on paper towels each year? If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative, read on to find out more!

An award-winning British hand-hygiene technology company has launched its range of contactless smart hand dryers in the City of London area. In case you are wondering, SAVORTEX prides itself on providing you with data-driven, cost saving, and hygienic products.

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The newly launched hygienic hand dryers are aimed specifically at you if you manage a public restroom, business, or organisation based within the City of London area. The SAVORTEX EcoCurve Smart Hand Dryer enables you to remotely monitor the footfall of public restrooms through the data collected.

This approach enables high levels of cleanliness to be maintained while reducing your service costs. The fast contactless system optimises hygiene as it reduces the likelihood of germs being spread and cross-contamination.

In addition to being hygienic, the hand dryers from SAVORTEX are environmentally friendly as they use 88% less energy than traditional hand drying alternatives. They also have a greater lifespan, which is important for two reasons.

Firstly, it increases the reliability of the hand dryer and secondly, it offers you a greater return on investment as you can expect fewer maintenance and replacement costs. This feature can be attributed to the high-quality parts that are used in the item including a brushless motor.

You can access an analytics portal remotely as data is collected via smart sensors. This information is then sent to a cloud-based management system designed to monitor the number of users and inform your attendants of the restroom requirements.

As you may expect, high profile organisations across London have already implemented the hygienic hand dryers including Gatwick Airport. While the results are ongoing, the company expects to receive a return on investment within 18 months due to the increase in washroom savings and efficiency.

Other companies have saved money instantly by switching from paper towels including RBS, which is set to save £35,000 per year, and you could save too.

A spokesperson said: “There are 70 million washrooms globally: 20 percent are equipped with environmentally unfriendly, unhygienic hand-dryers that do not properly dry hands. The demand for hand hygiene products has been exceeding supply channels owing to the health crisis, which has reinforced the importance of workplace hand sanitising.”

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