Illinois Pharma Product Inspection Machines Detect Leaks With High Accuracy

Oct 2, 2023

Does your Illinois pharmaceutical packaging company need a new product inspection solution? Dubuque’s Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850) has recently made available two kinds of SealTester machines that, by measuring your product’s thickness at various points on a conveyor, can flag potential leaks.

If you’re in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, you want the greatest degree of product protection, the ability to easily integrate packaging solutions into your production processes, and quick market delivery. Product protection and integrity are key throughout your production and packaging processes.

Pack & Inspect Group’s new SealTester machines allow you to inspect flexible pouches of solid or liquid products for small leaks by taking advantage of the Bernoulli principle. This fundamental scientific law states that slower-moving fluids create more pressure than faster-moving ones.

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You'll find that the new SealTester machines exhibit highly sophisticated engineering behind the elegant simplicity of their operating principles. They're capable of delivering precise, 100% on-line inspections down to a hole size of 0.5 mm.

The machine works by placing pouches under pressure as they're conveyed and their thickness is measured. At one point in the conveyance, greater pressure is applied and the thickness is measured again. If the pouch is less thick than it was at the beginning of the process, a potential leak is flagged.

Pack & Inspect Group offers you two kinds of SealTester machines: the MAP1 and the MAP3. The MAP1 SealTester uses a single conveyor which can be mounted over your existing conveyor to detect macro-level defects with a small footprint and at low cost.

The MAP3 SealTester uses three conveyors placed end to end that operate on the same principles as the MAP1, but it tests pouch thickness more thoroughly and so delivers higher-resolution results.

About Pack & Inspect Group:

Dubuque’s Pack & Inspect Group brings over 100 combined years of experience in the food and beverage packaging industries, representing the premier Midwest brands in the industry for packaging, inspection, and product handling. The company’s representatives in Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska provide the expertise you need to determine the technology and product necessary to reach your business goals.

“Whatever your product, whatever your package, whoever your customer, whether you’re small or large, closer to the farm or the fork, your product needs to be safely and efficiently conveyed and inspected for contents verification, absence of foreign material, and package and labeling integrity,” a company representative said. “At the Pack & Inspect Group, this is what we do, representing the best in breed of major manufacturers in this arena, providing local expertise in the Upper Midwest to assist you in selection and implementation of solutions.”

Pack & Inspect Group's SealTester machines can help ensure optimal product protection and accelerate your product launches at lower costs.

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