Identify Security Vulnerabilities With This Free Tech Audit For New Haven SMEs

Oct 27, 2023

If your tech infrastructure is outdated, your business will be left behind. If you’re in New Haven, take advantage of Aptica’s free tech audits and start building a more agile and resilient organization.

Technology has always been a success multiplier. Knowing this, Aptica is offering a FREE tech audit to your business so you can reach new heights in record time.

Conducted by certified IT experts, the tech audit can identify chokepoints and security vulnerabilities that could impede your business growth. Moreover, the team will provide viable solutions for issues uncovered during the assessment.

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This service is part of Aptica’s Midwest Small Business Digital Success Initiative, a program that gives back to the community by equipping you with the right technological tools. Company representatives say that its goal is to enhance your business’ competitiveness in the digital age so it can better contribute to the region’s economic growth.

A study conducted by consulting firm McKinsey found that businesses that employ appropriate technologies enhance their productivity by up to 20%. In a competitive economic landscape where even the slimmest marginal gains can prove decisive, IT can help you scale up your business and boost revenue.

As Aptica notes, however, you need to first determine whether your existing IT infrastructure is up to standard. As part of the tech audit, the team will assess factors like your information security, IT governance, compliance, and operational efficiency.

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Furthermore, Aptica’s experts will recommend which software to procure to address your known gaps or deficiencies. To ensure business continuity, it will also offer advice on data backup and recovery — a crucial consideration given the prevalence of hacking and data breaches.

Should you wish to enact the recommendations, you can retain Aptica to manage your IT requirements. The tech consultancy highlights that this arrangement is often more cost-effective as you no longer have to maintain a full-fledged IT team as many services, software, and tools can be outsourced.

Aptica notes that while your IT needs are managed by its team, you can expect a timely response to any questions or concerns. These include issues with your software and repairs for equipment such as laptops or desktops.

A spokesperson says: “Our mission is to strengthen local businesses and increase employment for Midwesterners by providing tech audits, customized plans to improve tech issues, and education to always know what their IT company is doing.”

The tech audit is offered at no charge for a limited time only. To book an assessment, you may visit the website and fill out the signup form.

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, getting a tech audit is a no-brainer. Don’t dally - book one today!

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