Decatur, IN Managed IT Expert Offers Business Technology Audits, Repair & More

Apr 19, 2024

Do you want a full-scale IT audit at no cost to your business in Decatur, IN? Aptica, LLC (+1-260-243-5100) can identify the gaps in your current system and help make your business network more secure than ever!

Aptica, LLC is dedicated to helping local businesses protect themselves from cybercrime and expand their technological capabilities.

Join the Midwest Small Business Digital Success Initiative and get an IT audit at - it's free!

The managed service provider offers tech auditing and consulting solutions to small businesses in the area, helping them to implement measures and strategies that keep their IT operations running and secure 24/7.

Midwest Small Business Digital Success Initiative

Through the new Midwest Small Business Digital Success Initiative, Aptica can help you optimize your business IT and protect yourself from cyberattacks.

“Our mission is to strengthen local businesses and increase employment for Midwesterners by providing tech audits, customized plans to improve tech issues, and education to always know what their IT company is doing”, a spokesperson for the company explained.

Your IT Audit

Your complimentary tech audit will be conducted by an experienced IT expert. This expert will evaluate your business’s IT infrastructure and identify any shortcomings, such as whether your cybersecurity can be strengthened and key metrics can be improved.

The initiative is available to business owners and C-level executives located within a two-hour radius of the MSP’s Angola headquarters, including in Decatur, Warsaw, and Monroeville.

Discover whether you are eligible for a free audit by visiting

Using the findings from the audit, Aptica will provide you with useful recommendations that can help you improve or update your tech infrastructure, cybersecurity measures, protocols, storage, and network management. Such recommendations will help you optimize your efficiency, implement disaster recovery strategies, and determine whether you would benefit from partnering with an MSP.

Why you should use a managed IT service

By outsourcing to a managed IT service provider at a fraction of the cost of hiring, training, and payrolling internal staff, you can save time and money. Further benefits include reducing workload and pressure on your internal staff, as well as automating repetitive administrative tasks.

Aptica offers a suite of managed IT services, enabling you to customize your program to your needs. It can operate as an extension of your internal IT staff, filling skill gaps and scaling to ensure your business objectives are achieved. Alternatively, if your business has no existing technology team, Aptica can undertake all managed IT operations and provide round-the-clock technical support.

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