How Your Digital Billboard Ad Campaigns Can Promote Diversity & Inclusivity

Feb 4, 2024

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How Could Digital Billboards be Used to Promote Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity

R.E.D Marketing Firm’s new case study discusses how digital billboards can be used to encourage social justice. By celebrating cultural events, promoting community engagement, and contributing to positive social impact, you can position yourself as DEI-friendly - an increasingly important consideration given that the majority of today's customer base - Millennials and Gen Z - rank diversity as one of the main factors driving their consumer decisions. 

Furthermore, according to data published by Statista, there are over 11.5 thousand digital billboards distributed throughout the US, with figures likely to rise as the technology grows increasingly popular. So far, they have mostly been used to advertise goods and services. However, R.E.D Marketing Firm encourages you to consider how you can use the technology to promote cultural diversity, inclusivity, and sensitivity. 

Billboards can communicate context-aware messaging that better engages audiences through inclusion. For example, you can share multilingual marketing messages, announce community and cultural events, and foster positive social impact.

Potential Challenges of Using Digital Billboards

In addition to highlighting the positive social impact of digital billboard advertising, the case study warns of its potential challenges and drawbacks.

The agency recommends you try to authentically represent the societal groups you wish to connect with. To produce authentic marketing content, it suggests you collaborate with the communities you seek to represent in your campaigns. In doing so, you can avoid reinforcing negative stereotypes or misappropriating cultural imagery or messaging.

“By celebrating cultural diversity and fostering a sense of inclusivity, brands can go beyond mere advertising, becoming advocates for positive social change”, a spokesperson for the agency said. 

Get Visibility & Diversity

Through precision targeting and personalized content, digital billboards can be used to captivate audiences of diverse cultural backgrounds throughout the US and Canada. Moreover, with analytics and engagement tracking, businesses can measure and enhance the efficacy of their advertising campaigns over time.

Alongside its digital billboard solutions, R.E.D Marketing Firm offers content, social media, and email marketing services.

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