How To Tell If You Are an Alcoholic: Take This Self Diagnosis Quiz Now

Oct 27, 2022

If you think you may be developing an alcohol dependency, or if you need help for alcoholism for yourself or a loved one, Find Addiction Rehabs can help. Call 877-959-7271 now and start a confidential consultation no matter where you live nationwide!

How To Tell If You Are an Alcoholic: Take This Self Diagnosis Quiz Now

Most people like to have a drink now and again to wind down - on the weekends with friends, at parties, or just during a quiet night in with loved ones. In moderation, this can be a perfectly acceptable way to have fun, but it can easily evolve into something more sinister, sometimes without warning.

If you feel as though your drinking may be causing you health issues, or if you are unable to stop even if you want to, then you may be suffering from alcohol abuse. In any case, Find Addiction Rehabs can help you, both to determine whether or not you have a problem, and to get you the help you need.

To read about the signs and symptoms of binge drinking, visit their site now!

Their new articles and other resources have been released as part of their mission to help those who struggle with addiction, peer pressure, or substance abuse understand the problem and locate help.

Along those same lines, the new release also includes a specially designed quiz, intended to help you determine whether the level of drinking you engage in could be harmful or not. The quiz covers a variety of topics but focuses mainly on when and how often you consume alcohol, and for what purpose. The newly released quiz on alcoholism is available on their website now, so take a visit!

The quiz and articles, taken as a whole, explore a number of potential side effects that someone who has become dependent on alcohol may experience. In those cases, they say, the symptoms of addiction may be difficult to recognize or easy to misattribute to other causes, such as sudden changes in weight.

According to Find Addiction Rehabs, weight changes are only one of many varied side effects that can occur in the wake of binge drinking or long-term alcohol abuse. Mood changes, digestive problems, and increased blood pressure are also among them, which alone may not be due to alcohol abuse, but taken together may be indicative of a larger pattern.

If, upon reviewing these materials, you think that you may be in need of help, Find Addiction Rehabs can provide additional resources to that end. The organization maintains a 24/7 helpline at 877-959-7271 which you can call to get immediate resources and support for alcohol abuse and other addictions.

Find Addiction Rehabs also keeps an active database of the highest quality care facilities in the country, which is searchable by location and specific need. Additionally, if you are seeking inpatient or residential treatment, they can connect you with insurance options that may be able to help cover the cost of recovery.

These materials are worth reviewing even if you don't think that you have a problem with alcohol abuse. Remember, the signs and symptoms can be difficult to spot, but knowing what to look for could save your life or the life of a loved one.

No matter your level of alcohol use or even mental health concerns that happen with alcoholism, you can turn to Find Addiction Rehabs

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