How To Select The Best External Window Shutters, New Advice For UK Homeowners

May 16, 2023

Shuttercraft has new advice for UK homeowners on how to select the most functional and aesthetic external window shutters to boost their property’s kerb appeal and real estate value.

If you’ve just returned from a Spring trip to Barcelona and now all you can think about is their beautiful buildings and iconic window shutters, Shuttercraft gets it.

That’s why they’re here to help you bring a touch of Europe to your home with their new online resource, ‘External Window Shutters: How to Select the Best Options’. It gives you a comprehensive overview of exterior window shutters and their benefits. As Shuttercraft’s new consumer report explains—when it comes to external window treatments—you should not settle for the old-fashioned roller security blind when there is now a host of new shutter options that are both functional and aesthetic.

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Shuttercraft has released its new guide on external window shutters as inquiries for this style of shutter increase across the United Kingdom. As a recent article on Architecture Art Designs explained, the UK’s neighbours in Europe have long featured exterior shutters because they offer you many benefits. These include more practical light management, protection from the elements, better privacy and security, and flexibility and adaptability.

As Architecture Art Designs stated, exterior shutters are also often a style feature, with countries like Spain, France and Germany all using distinctive external window shutters to enhance their properties' overall aesthetics and charm.

Shuttercraft believes that the right exterior shutters can offer all these benefits to UK homeowners like yourself. Their new report advises you about the different types of external shutters available and how to use them.

Above all, Shuttercraft’s design team recommends aluminium shutters for outdoor use. That’s why they have their model, the Portchester, made from powder-coated waterproof aluminium. They believe this innovative material and process offers you the best durability and final finish.

As Shuttercraft’s new consumer report explains, if you are thinking about boosting your property's kerb appeal and real estate value by installing exterior shutters, you should look for made-to-measure custom options, such as those offered by Shuttercraft.

In addition to their online information resources, Shuttercraft does complimentary call-outs to any property in the United Kingdom, so call them today to schedule your free consultation.

A UK-based interior and exterior window treatments experts spokesperson said, “If you’d like fully functioning and attractive exterior shutters, at Shuttercraft, we have the perfect solution - our Portchester range. Designed for internal or external shutters, they add aesthetic charm and benefits to your property.”

Bring the European charm of stylish Shuttercraft exterior shutters to your property and start enjoying all their benefits today.

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