How To Pack A Dining Room & Move Apartments With No Elevator, In Union City, NJ

Aug 16, 2023

Staring at your dining room set is not gonna help with the packing – this guide from will. Find out how to disassemble the table, wrap the glass tabletop, and load everything onto a truck. (And, get free moving quotes, too!)

Compared to other rooms in your house, which are probably packed with stuff big and small, packing your dining room should be a piece of cake - right?

Well, yes and no.

While the dining room is probably the easiest room to pack, it's also often the room where your most treasured and expensive furniture resides. You may skimp on a coffee table or shoe cabinet, but not your dining room set.

If you're anything like most folks, you probably have a nice wooden table and four to six chairs to go with it. Maybe even a fancy glass tabletop on the table...

And that's why the dining room will not be as easy to pack up as you may have expected - because you need to make sure these precious items get from point A to point B undamaged.

Don't be too worried, though, as I do have some tips on how to best pack your dining room set. Well, they're not actually mine - I "borrowed" them from a dining room packing guide I found online... and you're welcome to check that out too, just click here.

For those of you still with me - let's get cracking so you can get packing!

✔️ Pack the Dining Room First

One time when my sister and I had a big fight, I told her she's like the dining room table.

No longer part of the family.

Ouch. For the dining room table of course. But you must realize it's true: the dining room is the least used room in the house. Which is great for our purposes: moving.

According to experts, when packing up a house, it's always best to start with the room that's least used. You won't miss it once everything is disassembled and put in boxes, plus you'll have some extra space for boxes from other rooms.

✔️ Disassemble the Table & Chairs

You've probably had to move tables every now and then in your lifetime. So I will assume that you know just how tricky it can be to move the darn thing without damaging the table or the walls and other stuff surrounding it.

That's why you should disassemble the table before you pack it up. Grab the toolbox and get to work. And same goes for the chairs, if possible, of course.

✔️ Don't Make Common Packing Mistakes

You may think that wrapping your glass tabletop in bubble wrap is more than enough - and you'd be wrong. Bubble wrap can leave impressions on the glass, and you definitely don't want any of that. So before you wrap your glass tabletop in bubble wrap, make sure to use a layer of moving pads.

The other thing you definitely don't want to do is use plastic wrapping directly on any kind of wood surface - this could cause moisture and damage the finish. Instead, use moving pads, of course. You can also apply wax to protect the wood from scratches.

And last one: don't forget to take photos. Imagine arriving at your new place and having no idea how to put the table back together. Where will you not eat? Unacceptable. To make sure that doesn't happen, snap a few photos of the table before you take it apart.

This can also come in handy if you need proof of condition in case of any damage.

✔️ Get Professional Movers to Help You

If you're still not quite sure you want to do all that by yourself (which I completely understand), or you just don't want to carry any of the stuff, you can always get professional movers to do it all for you.

And with, it's easier than ever to find licensed and insured movers in your local area and get up to seven quotes, for free.

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