How To Get Free/Cheap Help Moving Apartments; Bronx Moving Estimates Guide

Jul 24, 2023

Moving soon? Find out how to get free or affordable help, which services you should probably just pay for, and how to get the best rates. This new guide from explains it all and provides up to 7 free quotes from local professionals.

Did you know that your friends are a lot tougher than they look?

Well, at least I'm hoping so, for your sake, because you might be needing that strength soon.

This new guide from explains how you can get them to help you move, which parts you need to ask for help with, and how much you can save compared to hiring a professional.

Actually, it's not just about your friends, it lists 6 different options for finding help with your move, and explains the pros, cons, and price for each type of assistance. It also includes an easy tool that will provide you with 7 free, no-obligation quotes from local professional movers - but more on that later.

Assuming that hiring professional movers isn't at the top of your list - why not check out the free guide to your other options first, just click here.

Sure, hiring a professional moving company is the “go-to solution” for most relocations, and I can see why - it's easy mode. However, it can also get pretty pricey, so here are some other options.

Of course, before we get into them, I should probably clarify...

These are not exactly "free" options. They may be, in some rare cases, but you should probably be prepared to provide food and beverages (read that as pizza and beer) at an absolute minimum.

I want to talk about the "smart solution" first because honestly, I've never tried it and it sounds super neat. It's called the NextDoor app, and it lets you talk with other app users in your immediate area. Using the NextDoor app, you can ask for help from neighbors or nearby friends, either with the entire move or with specific portions.

You may be surprised at how helpful your neighbors can be if you just ask... although if they all showed up, I might start wondering how badly they wanted me to leave the area.

If asking people nearby for help isn't something you're interested in, the guide also suggests several ways to hire help, on a budget. For example, did you know that many rental companies are partnered with manual labor for hire services? You may want to check their websites for rates and details, but you may sometimes get bundled savings by, say, getting a HireAHelper with your truck rental from Budget.

I don't want to get into too many of the details - the guide is free, just click here to read it for yourself, but it also talks about how to hire local community members that need some spare cash. However, and this is just my personal opinion - I'm not totally sure how much I like the idea of strangers, not working for a moving company, handling all of my stuff. If it was me, I would save that option for moving the furniture, and nothing else.

Of course, if all else fails, you can always hire a professional. It might even be cheaper than you think - just never hire an expert without doing a price check first. It's easy.

Just click here, or go to, and click "Get Quotes" to find their free rate estimate service. Then fill in the form with some details about your move, and they'll send you back 7 quotes from top-rated local moving companies, with absolutely no cost or obligation.

The entire process shouldn't take you more than two minutes - and it only takes that long because you'll need to estimate how much stuff you have that needs to be moved.

As the free guide from explains, “There are plenty of options that you have when it comes down to hiring help for your move… While moving companies might be more expensive, it takes the stress off of you and allows you to focus on other things.”

The choice is all yours though - I'm just here to point out your options.

If I was moving again though, I would definitely start with's free estimate service.

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