How To Engage Customers With Newsletters: Email Marketing Guide By Scott Hall

Aug 8, 2023

Take your email marketing skills to a new level with Scott Hall’s latest guide! Learn to write 14 types of emails to increase engagement and brand awareness.

According to recent research by Omnisend, email marketing has a huge return on investment, with each invested dollar bringing $40, on average. So, if you’re not making the most of your emails, you’re missing out on growth opportunities!

Oh, you hate writing emails? You think your subjects are so bad nobody opens your emails, and if they do, they delete them right away? Well, the good news is - there is a resource that can teach you to write emails like a pro.

Meet Scott Hall, a marketing expert and the founder of He has just released a new guide that explains why email marketing is an essential tool for building authentic relationships with customers and offers practical advice on structuring the messages for maximum impact.

You’ll be able to create a collection of templates for the email types you frequently use with Scott’s guidance on both their format and content. He covers 14 (yes, 14!) types of emails you can use to grow your business and increase brand loyalty.

Here are some of the things you can achieve with these emails:

✔ Keep your customers engaged

One of the email types discussed in the guide is the newsletter email. Its main purpose is to keep your audience engaged by regularly sending them news and useful information. You can also use it to inform subscribers about new products and services, which is especially efficient if they are personalized based on the subscribers' individual preferences.

✔ Bring back inactive subscribers

If you would like to engage inactive subscribers, Scott suggests re-engagement emails. Similar to newsletters, these emails can become a valuable marketing tool when the target audience is segmented and messages are tailored to the interests of the subscribers.

✔ Share your values

Brand story emails can foster brand loyalty and help you establish a meaningful connection with your customers. Scott encourages you to use this email as an opportunity to share your brand values and explain what sets your company apart from competitors.

And that’s just 3 out of 14! Other email types Scott describes include announcement emails, subscriber-only deals, surveys, milestone emails, lead nurturing emails, transactional emails, and more!

“To get started, create an email template that is easy to navigate and visually appealing,” Scott Hall writes. “Make sure that it reflects the tone of voice used in previous communications with customers so that they feel comfortable and familiar when reading it. Whether it's sending weekly newsletters or personalized milestone emails, every email you send can help you build trust and loyalty with your audience.”

Read Scott Hall’s full guide to find out how to turn your emails into a powerful tool for your business growth. Go to

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