How To Apply The BULLDOG Single Shot Adhesion Promoter For Best Paint Adhesion

May 4, 2023

Is the BULLDOG Single Shot Adhesion Promoter a must-have for your workflow? Find out in The Autobody Source’s latest product guide.

In the market for a new adhesion promoter to use in your car shop? Check out this live demo of BULLDOG Single Shot Adhesion Promoter from The Autobody Shop!

The video seeks to highlight the simplicity and ease of use offered by BULLDOG. Manufactured by Klean-Strip Automotive, the product offers you an all-in-one mixture of adhesion promoter, flex agent, and blending aid.

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Representatives from The Autobody Source say this demonstration is part of the company’s commitment to offering trusted information about collision repair products. The video shows you the correct preparation of BULLDOG and its proper application on different parts of a vehicle.


As the name suggests, an adhesive promoter enhances the bonding of paint on a substrate (often plastic). Such a product boosts the longevity of your paint job, especially since the exterior of a car is exposed to rain, heat, and environmental pollutants. It also enhances performance, as a vehicle surface with a durable finish is less likely to crack.


Given the rising cost of doing business, a three-in-one product like BULLDOG offers you significant savings. Moreover, the ease of application translates into greater productivity, which ultimately leads to increased profits for your business.

As the video shows, the adhesion promoter dries in as little as five minutes. Hence, there is less downtime when conducting paint jobs on vehicles.


Since BULLDOG comes in a single-application SKU, it can be easily integrated into the costing of your paint job. This makes billing more streamlined and accurate as your clients can immediately see the product’s price on their invoice.

A spokesperson says: “There are a plethora of paint-job-related products out there. Our goal is to give you trusted information so you can avoid costly mistakes. We hope this new video on BULLDOG will give a clear idea of its benefits and whether it’s right for your business.”


The Autobody Source is a leading resource hub relied on by over 17,000 collision repair professionals. Established in 1992, it caters to readers in the U.S., Canada, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

BULLDOG offers myriad benefits to body shop owners like you. Don’t miss out - watch The Autobody Source’s live demo on this product today!

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