How Taking The Wrong Type & Dose of Vitamins Can Cause Vision Loss Revealed In This Report

Apr 5, 2017

Read Dr Kondrot’s report into the effect of vitamins on eyesight. His report outlines the 3 biggest mistakes people make when taking vitamins and he tells you how to avoid them and how to improve your vision through a colorful, organic diet.

Healing the Eye and Wellness Center has released a new report into the potential dangerous effects of vitamin consumption on eyesight. The Zephyrhills, FL based clinic provides alternative and homeopathic treatment for eye conditions.

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The Healing the Eye and Wellness centre is a fully functioning alternative medical clinic run by Dr Kondrot and his staff, who can take care of all their patient's healthcare needs. They carry out proven and effective treatments for eye conditions including macular degeneration and cataracts. The site explains that Dr Kondrot's seminars and program have become the standard in alternative eye therapies.

Dr Kondrot has released a report into the effects of vitamin supplements on eyesight. The report, entitled Vitamin Mistakes Can Lead To Visual Loss, states that consumers should be careful when choosing and taking vitamins as taking the wrong ones can lead to sight loss. Over half of all Americans consume vitamins everyday, spending $21 billion on vitamins and supplements in 2015.

Dr Kondrot has advised that there are three main mistakes that people should avoid making when it comes to vitamins and other supplements. The first on the list is consuming vitamins from China as they can be contaminated with dangerous traces of lad, arsenic, toxins and radiation, contributing to vision problems. Consumers should also be careful when choosing vitamin C as 90% is manufactured in China.

The report states that the second mistake is taking synthetic forms of vitamins. The third mistake is consuming the wrong doses of vitamins, for example taking too much Vitamin A can not only cause sight loss but also liver damage.

The report then moves on to what helps to keep vision healthy and to avoid sight loss. The basis of good eyesight is a healthy diet full of colorful vegetable and fruits including spinach and kale. Hydration is also paramount and plenty of water should be consumed. Having a healthy gut and avoiding foods contaminated with lead and mercury by eating organic is also helpful.

Dr Kondrot's overall message is that consumers are better off avoiding vitamins and focusing on proper nutrition to improve vision. As Thomas Edison said "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the prevention of disease." More information is available at the URL above.

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