How Australian Homes Can Protect An Outdoor Deck or Patio Area from Mosquitos

Sep 22, 2021

Australian homes with a patio or deck, can benefit in the summer months from having retractable fly screens from Intelliscreens to protect from flies and mosquitos.

As the summer months approach in Australia, people who have outdoor patio or deck areas in their home often find themselves annoyed by pesky mosquitoes and flies spoiling their indoor/outdoor lifestyles.

So is it possible to easily screen off a patio or deck area from these insects?

It certainly is! But forget trying to use standard fly screen netting – it won’t work…

Insect-free summer outdoor life requires retractable fly screens. These are special screen “doors” that can be easily drawn closed to insect-proof your patio or deck, and quickly opened to allow easy access back inside, or from inside to outside. See the pic below for an example installation.

Once this type of convenient screening is installed, its super easy to keep the inside of a house free from summer insects, and thereby making an indoor/outdoor lifestyle an enjoyable reality!

Intelliscreens’ retractable fly screens offer the solution needed to achieve the above-mentioned desirable goal for this summer season in Australia. The Intelliscreens product uses an elegant-looking but extremely touch and wind-resistant see-through pleated screening material, built into a highly durable full-height fly screen around your patio or deck. Or it can be used to screen off the opening between your indoor living area, and your deck or patio.

With the ability to screen up to a 10 metre span, and with the screening material rolling neatly away into each end of the span, this is the perfect, neat and elegant solution for the modern-day warm climate home!

The screen slides in sunken tracks that don’t create a trip hazard and which makes operating the screen so easy the kids can do it!

Intelliscreens Retractable Screens come in a wide range of colours to match the interior design of the house perfectly. Be it white, black, red, or various shades of brown, the colour range is guaranteed to match your decor.

The screens can also be used to screen off sliding doors, French and bifold doors, and stacker doors, as well as pillarless corner doors.

Emily, one of Instlliscreens recent customers reported in a Google review:

“I love my new screens this is the third time I have bought these from Intelliscreens. Best of all Australian-made!”

To get a free, no-obligation quote, visit Intelliscreens’ website

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