Hope for Sickle Cell Disease as Findings of Pivotal Study Released

Apr 19, 2021

A landmark study on red blood health and sickle cell disease has been released. Functional Fluidics in Detroit, Michigan announces that their assays can predict VOCs and monitor drug therapies.

For the 100, 000 Americans and the millions more around the world suffering from sickle cell disease, life can be difficult.

Every day, you may be struggling with pain or have to battle the fear of developing other co-morbid conditions due to sickle cell anemia. This doesn’t include the emotional stress of worrying about how your medical provider will take care of you if you suffer from a crisis episode. 

Thankfully, Functional Fluidics, a biotechnology company specializing in red blood cell health in Detroit, Michigan, announces that its biomarkers can help predict sickle cell disease vaso-occlusive crisis (VOCs) after participating in a pivotal longitudinal Evaluation of Longitudinal Pain Study in Sickle Cell Disease (ELIPSIS) study. Findings of the study were published in the Blood Journal by the American Society of Hematology.

You can view an overview of the study by watching this video.

The landmark announcement addresses the need for well-validated biomarkers to objectively monitor red blood cell health in individuals with sickle cell disease and monitor their drug therapy progress. Findings from this ELIPSIS study offer medical providers objective red blood cell biomarkers as tools so they can focus on health maintenance rather than crisis intervention.

This means that you or your loved one suffering from sickle cell disease can monitor your health more effectively and help your medical providers treat you earlier and more effectively. These findings may also have therapeutic benefits if you are at high risk of a VOC. 

Functional Fluidics participated in the study to validate their red blood cell assays and offer insights on how clinical providers can intervene earlier for high-risk patients at risk of vaso-occlusive episodes (VOE). The company wished to further the studies on red blood health and modify sickle cell therapies to become more affordable. 

Functional Fluidics' Red Blood Cell Biomarkers may prove to be a major step towards empowering patients, providers, and pharmaceutical companies in their fight against the damaging effects of Sickle Cell Disease. This advancement will help individuals with Sickle Cell Disease live their lives to the fullest without the constant worry about their health. Sickle cell disease may be an inherited and life-long condition, but it does not have to rule your life or define how you live it. 

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