Hire Virtual Healthcare Personal Assistant To Improve Your Practice’s Efficiency

Aug 11, 2022

Administrative duties can get in the way of quality patient care. Hire experienced medical virtual assistants at Virtual Nurse Rx (813-993-1254) to manage your billing and other routine tasks.

Hire Virtual Healthcare Personal Assistant To Improve Your Practice’s Efficiency

Medical burnout is a thing, and with over 55% of healthcare professionals suffering physical and mental exhaustion due to piled-up workload - it’s a no-brainer why a virtual assistant is essential to your productivity and wellbeing.

Thankfully, Virtual Nurse Rx makes it easy to find skilled virtual medical assistants anywhere in the U.S. The agency’s VAs can handle various general administrative tasks so you can focus on what you love - saving lives.

Their service is ideal for both small and large practices. By contacting the company, they can soon have a dedicated and experienced professional handle all the routine tasks associated with billing management.

By taking these duties off your plate, the professionals ease your workload, relieving stress and helping you get more out of your day while also improving efficiency and productivity.

You can find more details about the service at http://wlfpk.co/Iv2h1gYH

The virtual assistants are AAPC-certified, U.S.-registered nurses with solid experience working in the medical field. They come pre-trained and ready to get to work immediately, saving you time for onboarding a new member.

The medical billers and coders handle a range of tasks, including analysis of your documentation and records, as well as assigning and managing their medical codes. They also have the knowledge and skills to uncover documentation inconsistencies and escalate them to the appropriate unit for quick intervention.

The professionals also handle insurance verification. They serve as the liaison officers between insurance companies and your practice and respond to patient inquiries. Go to http://wlfpk.co/Mm79goSv to learn more.

As part of its process, the team takes the time to understand your practice’s unique needs before matching you with a medical virtual assistant. They also guide you through the onboarding process - this is especially helpful if you haven’t worked with a virtual assistant before.

The agency bills its services on an hourly basis. You are not required to sign any long-term contract, so you will only pay for the time you use the virtual assistants.

“Our virtual assistant professionals are already incredible nurses, but we provide even more training to ensure they’re ready to help your practice thrive,” a company representative says. “As a doctor, your goal is to provide an unbeatable patient experience. However, a busy schedule can get in the way. With the help of a medical coder/medical biller virtual assistant RN, they can take several tasks off your plate—leading to exceptional patient care.”

Let Virtual Nurse Rx help you take your practice to the next level with its array of affordable, scalable, and skilled virtual medical assistance services!

Visit their Instagram account at http://wlfpk.co/tgcOs8wu or follow them on Twitter at http://wlfpk.co/AB56SvSz if you need additional information about the company.

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