Hire This Bristol, UK Wedding Celebrant For Unique & Personal Wedding Vow Script

Mar 12, 2023

Planning your special day, but don’t want a religious ceremony? Want your wedding vows to be as unique as you and your partner? Then get in touch with Ceremonies With Rachel (+44-1761-220102) in Bristol, UK, for an event you’ll cherish forever!

Hire This Bristol, UK Wedding Celebrant For Unique & Personal Wedding Vow Script

While every couple is unique, not every wedding ceremony is - and we’ve all had to sit through a boring wedding at least once. But if you don’t want to go the traditional or religious route, a celebrant like Rachel at Ceremonies With Rachel can help you write beautiful vows that are unique to you!

Rachel Branston provides couples with a distinctive alternative to traditional or religious ceremonies and allows you to create a special day that’s entirely your own.

Go to https://www.ceremonieswithrachel.com for more information.

Ceremonies With Rachel’s services vary depending on what you want from your wedding, with every ceremony written exclusively to reflect your beliefs and desires.

In recent years, the number of people choosing a religious wedding ceremony has dropped significantly, with the latest data showing that only 1 in 4 couples now choose this path. This, in addition to fewer restrictions on outdoor civil and secular ceremonies following the pandemic rule changes, has made celebrants more in demand than ever before.

For Rachel Branston, every marriage has always been unique, and her approach to working with a couple is entirely personal, every time - the only similarity is the legal part. Rachel works alongside you right from the beginning to guide you as you create your own ceremony, including vows you write yourselves (or not, if you don’t want to!), old traditions, new traditions, and special ways for you and your significant other to express your love and devotion.

As you’re starting to plan your wedding, you can get in touch with Rachel over the phone, via email, or through her contact form, where you can book a friendly chat to talk over your ideas. There are no rules or limits on the types of ceremonies Rachel can perform, from jumping the broom to tying the literal knot, and she’s happy to work with your suggestions and ideas to develop a memorable, personal ceremony.

After this meeting, she will set aside your chosen wedding date in her diary and begin to make a plan that is inclusive of the elements you’ve chosen, from simple to complex, short to long - she’ll write a script that reflects your wishes.

As a celebrant, Rachel also offers a range of services in addition to weddings, including funerals, naming ceremonies, civil partnerships, celebrations of life, vow renewals, and pet funerals.

Ceremonies With Rachel is the non-religious wedding celebrant you can trust to help you create the ceremony script you and your guests will remember forever!

Ready to learn more? Visit https://www.ceremonieswithrachel.com to get in touch.

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