Hire The Best Asphalt Repair Expert In Nashville For Parking Lots, Private Roads

Jun 2, 2023

Gaddes Strategic LLC (615-866-2795), experts in asphalt repairs and paving, want to kick cracks and potholes to the curb. It’s time to pave the way to a smoother Nashville!

Are you a business owner getting complaints about potholes in the parking lot? Or maybe you're a homebuilder with a crack in the driveway that you can swear gets bigger every time you look at it (spoiler alert, it probably is)? Well, we've got some exciting news for you!

Gaddes Strategic, a local contractor specializing in thermoplastic pavement markings and asphalt repair, is now taking on new customers. They're all about helping Nashville maintain its beautiful streets and keep them in top-notch condition. So, let's dive in and learn more about what they offer!

Learn more about them here https://nashvillethermoplasticmarkings.com/asphalt-paving-nashville/

Gaddes Strategic is on a mission to provide outstanding paving services to businesses and homebuilders in Nashville. Whether you're dealing with pesky cracks or want to install a brand-new asphalt surface, they got our back!

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, taking care of our roads is really important. They say preserving our pavements properly can extend our roads' life at a fraction of the cost. The team also warns that the longer we let our roads deteriorate, the more it will cost us in the long run. So, addressing those cracks and potholes is crucial before they become bigger problems!

Did you know that asphalt is an incredibly durable material? A study by ACE Geosynthetics even shows that it can last up to twice as long as concrete, and it costs 75% less over its lifespan. But here's the catch: asphalt needs to be installed correctly to reap these benefits. That's where a professional paving company like Gaddes Strategic LLC comes in. They know exactly how to maintain and install asphalt to ensure long-lasting results.

Want to find out more? Visit: https://nashvillethermoplasticmarkings.com/asphalt-milling-and-paving-for-businesses/

So, how do you take care of your asphalt? Well, Gaddes Strategic has some fantastic methods up its sleeves. One of them is called milling. It involves using a milling machine to break down damaged asphalt into small pieces. These bits can be reused in the new paving process, making it a sustainable option. Another method they use is called resurfacing, which is pouring new asphalt on top of older asphalt that isn't severely damaged. It's like giving your pavement a fresh makeover to extend its life!

Now that you know all about their services, let's get to know Gaddes Strategic LLC a bit better. They've been in the business for an impressive 60 years, specializing in concrete, asphalt, and dump trucking. Based right here in Nashville, they offer a range of paving services, including asphalt seal coating, line striping, and installations of roads, alleys, and parking lots. They're a one-stop shop for all your asphalt needs!

To learn all there is about paving and Gaddes Strategic LLC, visit their website: https://nashvillethermoplasticmarkings.com/category/asphalt-paving/

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