Hire Chapel Hill Injury Law Firm For Pedestrian Car Accident Compensation Help

Jul 18, 2023

Hurt as a pedestrian in Chapel Hill? Carl Nagle knows what to expect from insurers – and he also knows how to get them to pay the compensation you’re owed. Call Nagle & Associates at +1-800-411-1583 to book your consultation.

Pedestrians and drivers both have to follow traffic laws - they’re there to prevent accidents, after all. If you’ve been badly injured by a motorist who failed to abide by those rules, you need a lawyer who can secure the compensation you deserve.

Meet Carl Nagle, a former insurance defense attorney who’s uniquely positioned to help you. His firm provides motor vehicle collision legal assistance near Chapel Hill. No matter what kind of vehicle was involved in your accident, visit the firm’s Raleigh office for assured guidance.

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You might be facing ruinous medical bills and lost wages after being struck by negligent or dangerous drivers - if so, Nagle & Associates is ready to offer support. Negligence is the leading cause of pedestrian accidents in Raleigh, and this legal team knows all about such cases - including how to target a sizeable payout on your behalf.

Owing to his prior experience as an insurance company lawyer, Carl Nagle cites his extensive familiarity with the methods commonly deployed by insurers in damage and injury claim cases. That means he can help you by taking the lead in negotiations, countering perceived lowball settlement offers, and aggressively pursuing amounts that compensate for your physical and emotional trauma.

In the words of a firm spokesperson: “Carl worked first as a claims adjuster paying claims on behalf of a large national insurance carrier, and then later as an insurance defense attorney. He was paid to defend at-fault drivers in court and because he worked on the other side, he knows exactly what steps insurance companies take to minimize how much they have to pay you.”

In order to preemptively counter such tactics, Nagle & Associates implores you to hold consultations with its team before speaking to insurers. Such discussions will be crucial in laying the groundwork for your injury claim case before getting started.

Since insurance companies are likely to reject any claim where the victim is seen to bear even the slightest responsibility for the accident, determining fault is vital. Nagle & Associates is able to advise you regarding your legal status and begin gathering relevant facts that can prove culpability on the part of reckless drivers - as well as your own innocence.

Due to its focus on larger-scale cases involving high-impact vehicle accidents, Nagle & Associates offers much lower fee rates than many other firms. If you win a settlement or court-awarded compensatory amount with Nagle & Associates, you can expect legal fees of just 25%. In comparison, the vast majority of injury attorneys will take up to a third of all damage awards you receive.

Nagle & Associates is built differently, widening access to affordable, contingency-based legal assistance for injury victims and their families across North Carolina. In addition to its Raleigh office and its Winston-Salem headquarters, you can find the firm operating statewide in areas spanning Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington, and Hickory-Conover.

“Their timely and professional outreach convinced us,” said one recent client. “As we were not at fault in our accident, the firm was able to negotiate a fair but generous settlement quickly.”

Don't delay after your accident - entrust your case to Nagle & Associates for outstanding results.

Are you in or around Chapel Hill? Visit https://www.naglefirm.com/ to learn more about Nagle & Associates, P.A. and its wider range of legal services.

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