Asheville Law Firm For Serious Vehicle Accidents: Get Maximum Compensation

Mar 19, 2024

Accidents happen but if someone else’s carelessness leaves you with a serious injury and shouldering the costs of care then it’s time to get a top law firm involved. For the best legal representation for auto accidents, talk to Nagle & Associates, P.A.! (+1-800-411-1583)

Have you or a loved one been the victim of a serious car accident? Want to get compensation? If negligence or reckless driving has caused physical, psychological, or financial suffering, you need an expert lawyer on your side!

For legal expertise in the Asheville, NC area that will get you a maximum payout with no upfront fees, reach out to Nagle & Associates, P.A.! More details at

The firm has been advocating for accident victims for over 20 years and understands how to secure maximum compensation for all types of auto accidents.

The team is adept at overcoming insurance company tactics that seek to undermine legitimate claims. Nagle & Associates' team of lawyers conducts rigorous research regarding any accident, determining who is responsible and thus liable for compensatory payouts.

The Stats

According to the Injury Claim Coach website, the average payout for moderate injuries sustained in car accidents in North Carolina is $29,565 with serious injuries averaging $640,964. Claims must be brought within 3 years to comply with the statute of limitations. Nagle & Associates' founder Carl Nagle worked previously as a claims handler for a national insurance carrier, learning firsthand how insurance companies wilfully underpay accident victims. As a result, Carl's practice focuses on helping those involved in motoring incidents.

Medical Trauma Case Expertise

The firm brings expertise in investigating claims for medical trauma and related insurance issues as well as a well-established caseload of successful personal injury litigations. With a network of contacts in the field of crash reconstruction, evidence preservation, and medical evidence presentation, Nagle & Associates ensures your claim has the best chance of success.

Tax-Free Compensation

The team is focused on making sure the maximum amount of tax-free compensation ends up with you and reducing outside claims against settlement proceeds. Nagle & Associates does not charge any upfront fees with payment only coming from money collected on your behalf.

Auto Accident Experts

The firm only takes on auto accident cases and has generated over $500 million in client settlements and verdicts since its inception. Nagle & Associates' areas of practice include catastrophic injuries, drunk driving, hit and runs, car, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents, and wrongful death relating to a motor collision.

A spokesperson says, “Our reputation for fighting disputed cases in Court motivates insurance companies to extend the highest settlement offers in every case. If they don’t pay our clients fairly, we file suit and bring them to Court.”

Make sure you're not the only one paying the price for a serious car accident. Call Nagle & Associates today!

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