High-Quality Gas-Strut Service Window With Accoya® Wood Has 10 Year Warranty

May 23, 2023

OpenUp Windows know that when it comes to window design, less is often more. That’s why they have made a new sill-less model of their popular pass-thru window.

Home entertainment just got more functional, stylish, and fun with OpenUp Windows and the single-handle locking model of their sill-less pass-thru window!

The custom window makers privilege minimalist design aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality when creating their windows, and with their easy lock, they believe they can offer you both the best in security and useability. Their single-handle locking system is a part of their three-sided gas strut sill-less design, which allows for their pass-thru service windows to be mounted above your chosen countertop, sealed completely flush and locked securely without requiring any kind of break or alteration to your countertop.

Go to https://OpenUpWindows.com/ to find out more.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the increasingly warm weather and long days, OpenUp Windows knows that home entertainment will have become an increasing focus. That’s why they offer their single-handle locking model ahead of the summer. If you are thinking about opening up your home and connecting your indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, the window makers also offer a strict 4-6 week production turnaround and delivery guarantee across America.

You’ll appreciate that OpenUp Windows’ high-quality sill-less pass-thru windows are crafted with premium materials like Accoya® wood and extruded aluminum. They also come in modern and minimalist finishes like matte black, white, and bronze. The engineering and design team at OpenUp also believes that their sill-less gas strut flip-out design creates a luxury finish that will match your home well if it is architecturally designed or has a modern style.

You can access more information at https://OpenUpWindows.com/store/

As each window is crafted by precision machine and hand in OpenUp Windows’ boutique New York factory, they also guarantee the quality and durability of their work. As such, the window makers have a new 10-year guarantee on their sill-less service windows.

OpenUp Windows recommends a pass-thru window to you if you want to enjoy better indoor/outdoor living and create full visibility between your kitchen, dining, or family room and your outdoor bar, BBQ, or pool area.

A spokesperson for the luxury window makers said, “When you trust OpenUp with the design of your pass-thru window, you can rest assured that every detail will be accounted for. Our passion for quality design shines through in our work—our windows are intended to beautify, redefine, and truly open up your space, all while adhering to the highest set of durability, sustainability, and quality standards.”

Make this summer truly special by connecting your indoor and outdoor spaces with OpenUp Windows’ new sill-less pass-thru window.

Visit https://OpenUpWindows.com/features/ if you want to learn more about the luxury window makers and their high-quality service windows.

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