Here’s the Scoop: AVRillo’s Snazzy Material Information Pack for Estate Agents!

Apr 17, 2024

AVRillo’s Material Information Pack simplifies UK conveyancing, ensuring compliance, transparency, and reducing property transaction times, leading to lower sales fall-through rates.

AVRillo, recognised for its innovation and accolades in the UK conveyancing landscape, has transformed the estate agency and home moving experience. The company's strategic enhancements in disclosing Material Information expedite the conveyancing process and redefine the standards for transaction transparency and efficiency. This improvement is set to reduce the completion times of property transactions notably.

Under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, known as the CPR, Material Information must be fully disclosed before any property listing or advertisement is made public, ensuring that buyers are well-informed when considering a property. Addressing the imperative for compliance with this legislation, AVRillo has developed a comprehensive Material Information Pack, which supports estate agents in meeting their disclosure obligations from the outset. This initiative aligns with the expectations of professional bodies such as the Law Society and Council of Mortgage Lenders, as well as the government and National Trading Standards, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of conveyancing. Notably, it has contributed to reducing the fall-through rate of property transactions in the UK from 39.8% to as low as 5%.

The emotional toll of moving is significant, as evidenced by a national Moverly survey, which indicates that 83% of buyers and sellers face stress-related challenges, with nearly 40% of transactions failing to complete, leading to substantial financial losses. To mitigate these issues, the Material Information Pack has been designed to streamline the process for estate agents and clients, increasing transparency and reducing potential delays.

Providing early access to Material Information empowers clients to engage in transactions that are marked by clarity and trust, leading to well-informed decisions early in the buying or selling process. This approach is aimed at reducing the associated stress, costs, and time.

AVRillo's implementation of the Material Information Pack is a significant stride forward for the UK estate industry. By prioritising the accessibility of clear Material Information, the company enhances the transaction experience for all stakeholders involved — sellers, buyers, and estate agents. The initiative not only reduces the time for properties to enter the market but also shortens the period from offer acceptance to completion, aspiring to achieve timelines comparable to those in Scandinavian countries.

For a thorough understanding of this transformative approach and to navigate property transactions with greater assurance, estate agents and their clients can turn to AVRillo's Material Information Pack available at This resource details the measures taken to prevent wasted costs, delays, and transaction fall-throughs, showcasing the digital and scientific advancements employed by AVRillo to adhere to the required government and trading standards.

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