Discover AVRillo’s Material Information Pack, Tailor-Made for Estate Agents!

Apr 17, 2024

The Material Information Pack from AVRillo transforms UK conveyancing with faster, clearer, and more reliable property transactions, reducing client stress.

AVRillo, recognised for innovation and excellence with a Gold award in UK conveyancing, has made a significant stride in enhancing the processes for estate agencies and home moving. With a keen emphasis on accelerating the disclosure of Material Information by estate agents, AVRillo is steering the industry towards greater transparency and streamlined transaction times, aiming for a substantial reduction in the average period to completion after an accepted offer.

Material Information is pivotal, governed by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, or CPR. This regulation demands the full disclosure of all Material Information before any property listing or advertisement, a step crucial for enabling buyers to make informed decisions.

To facilitate compliance with CPR and assist sellers in their duty to provide Material Information, AVRillo has developed an all-encompassing Material Information Pack. This vital resource assists estate agents in meeting their disclosure obligations right from the start, in accordance with the stipulations of the Law Society, Council of Mortgage Lenders, Propertymark, the government, and National Trading Standards. The implementation of this pack is setting the stage for more efficient, reliable conveyancing processes and has the potential to reduce the UK’s property transaction fall-through rate from 39.8% to as low as 5%.

According to a national survey conducted by Moverly, the moving process imposes significant emotional strain, with 83% of participants reporting stress-related issues during or after the move and a notable 39.8% of moves not proceeding to completion. This failure not only incurs thousands of pounds in lost costs but also ranks moving and conveyancing as one of the top stress-inducing life events.

AVRillo's introduction of the Material Information Pack aims to reshape the estate agency and moving landscape. The pack promises to simplify processes for estate agents and clients, curtailing delays and enhancing buyer transparency while also safeguarding against penalties such as imprisonment, fines, or other sanctions.

Clients who have early access to Material Information through AVRillo can engage in transactions marked by clarity, confidence, and trust. This approach is designed to lessen the stress, cost, and time associated with property dealings.

AVRillo's Material Information Pack, aligned with Trading Standards Parts A, B, and C, represents a leap forward for the UK estate industry, benefiting everyone involved in property transactions. It not only shortens the time to market property but also aims to cut the duration from offer acceptance to completion from several months to as few as 40 days, which is comparable to timescales in Scandinavian countries.

For comprehensive information on navigating property transactions, estate agents and their clients can refer to the Material Information Pack detailed on AVRillo's dedicated page at

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