Helical Pier Synchronized Lifting System & Foundation Repair Now In Tulsa

Aug 17, 2023

Helical pier lifting is an industry-tested solution to major foundation problems. Call Powerlift Foundation Repair on 1-800-562-5438 for an estimate.

Your foundation may need urgent repair if you see cracks, sagging floors, or leaks that can't be explained. Powerlift Foundation Repair, a leading foundation repair contractor specializing in helical pier lifting in Tulsa, introduces a foundation repair method that uses steel helical piers to stabilize and raise foundations that have settled or cracked.

What Are Helical Piers?

Helical piers are drilled into the ground until they reach a stable layer of soil. Once the piers are in place, a load-bearing bracket is attached to the pier and the foundation. The bracket is then used to lift the foundation back to its original position.

Why Helical Pier Lifting?

Helical pier lifting is a permanent solution to foundation problems, explains the team at Powerlift Foundation Repair. The piers can support heavy loads and resist corrosion - well suited for foundations in areas with poor soil.

The Importance of Inspection

Powerlift Foundation Repair wants to stress the importance of early detection of foundation cracks and other structural issues. The company notes that it is common for many homes and commercial buildings in Central Oklahoma to develop cracks due to the high concentration of clay in the soil.

Not all cracks can be a concern, but some can be and are sometimes hard to locate or assess. Powerlift Foundation Repair engineers can help by highlighting the foundation's high-risk sections and providing cost-effective mitigation solutions.

How The Powerlift System Works

The company utilizes a patented lifting system for foundations and interior floor slabs to lift and stabilize the foundations of almost any type of structure. This system can lift over 100 piers at a time and 250 piers simultaneously. Powerlift for residential buildings can lift 105,000 lbs per pier, and the commercial system has a driving and lifting capacity of up to 300,000 lbs per pier.

In addition to helical pier lifting, Powerlift Foundation Repair also offers various other foundation repair services, including Mudjacking, a method that uses a high-pressure slurry to fill voids beneath concrete slabs; polyurethane foam injection that uses a high-density foam as the filler; and concrete lifting.

Benefits of Helical Pier Lifting

The synchronized lifting system and the screw head of helical piers make it possible for the Powerlift Foundation Repair team to reach actual load-bearing strata. The company offers helical pier lifting as a permanent solution to foundation problems.

Additionally, these piers can be installed in a matter of days, and the foundation can be lifted back to its original position in a few weeks. This process is more cost-effective than underpinning and other methods of foundation repair.

If you are experiencing foundation problems, contact Powerlift Foundation Repair for an estimate on their pier lifting services. Visit https://www.powerliftfoundationrepair.com/locations/oklahoma/tulsa/ for more information.

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