Halifax Digital Marketing Expert Helps Small Businesses Set Up Facebook Chatbots

Apr 19, 2021

Small businesses who want an easy and hassle-free way to set up automated chatbots should take a look at the solution offered by this Halifax, West Yorkshire-based digital marketing expert.

Want to use chatbots in your business but don’t know where to start?

Halifax, West Yorkshire-based Bobby Barr Media announces the launch of its chatbot marketing service. Through this offering, you can create customized chatbots that can help your business improve client engagement and boost sales.

Learn more by visiting https://bobbybarrmedia.com/chatbots

This new service allows you to take advantage of the e-commerce wave, which has only been accelerated by the current pandemic. Chatbots are especially useful for small businesses as they often do not have a big marketing or community management team to handle online inquiries.

The service is geared towards Facebook, which has a global user base of over 1.5 billion accounts and growing. Industry statistics show that almost 70% of customers have interacted with a chatbot in some form, making it the next frontier of customer engagement.

However, setting up and programming a chatbot requires technical skills that most business owners do not have. As such, Bobby Barr Media has created a turn-key solution that allows you to create chatbots that can be customized according to the nature of your business.

The digital marketing firm says that chatbots can be used as a marketing tool in a wide variety of ways. The most common among these is for customer support, wherein the chatbot provides answers to frequently asked questions such as your product prices and operating hours.

Another crucial function that chatbots can fulfil is lead generation. For instance, they can be used to automatically invite people to sign up for your mailing list or they can be linked to your Facebook product ads. https://www.bobbybarrmedia.com

The company says that using chatbots offers several key benefits, including saving on overhead costs and the ability to attend to thousands of queries simultaneously. More importantly, they allow prospective customers to reach your business at any time of the day.

Bobby Barr Media is a digital marketing specialist that helps businesses expand their reach and boost their profits. Aside from chatbot creation, it also provides white-hat search engine optimisation services. https://www.bobbybarrmedia.com/about

Company principal Bobby Bar says: “E-commerce is the wave of the future and chatbots are playing an increasingly important part in it. We provide a service that makes using this tool as easy and seamless as possible.”

Give your business the edge it needs in the e-commerce era through chatbots. Get in touch with Bobby Barr Media today to get started.

You can find further information about Bobby Barr Media and its services at https://bobbybarrmedia.com/services

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