Grow Your Permanent Makeup Business With Expert Social Media Templates

Jan 29, 2023

Grow your PMU brand further with Advanced PMU’s new permanent makeup membership program! This is the perfect community for you if you want to improve your marketing and attract more potential clients!

Grow Your Permanent Makeup Business With Expert Social Media Templates

You asked and they answered! Calling all PMU artists out there! If you’ve been wanting to revamp your brand and start attracting new customers to your website, then this is the perfect program for you!

Advanced PMU's membership program is for experienced entrepreneurs who want to expand their brands further.

The new membership program includes monthly marketing guides, stock photos, social media templates, business planners, and other member services. The goal is to help established PMU artists better market their services, create a converting website with confidence, and attract more clients.

Join the membership today at

Advanced PMU created its new makeup membership program in response to previous students asking for more guidance on marketing their personal brands. The company is a specialized permanent makeup training center and offers various courses on microblading, PMU eyeliner, tinted lips, and scalp micropigmentation, among others.

The new membership was created by PMU master, Anna An, who has been in the industry for over a decade. She explains that the Advanced PMU membership intends to help at least 1,000 PMU artists across the world grow their businesses. To do this, she has compiled her knowledge and expertise into an online resource for marketing a PMU business. All modules will be updated every month.

Aside from the resources, you also gain exclusive access to a private community of other PMU artists, including An herself. This provides ongoing support, where you can raise any marketing concern you may have to a group of similar entrepreneurs and offer your own strategies and techniques.

This is a priceless benefit and one that can skyrocket your business further! An says that you don’t need to have marketing experience to become a member! All you need is the willingness to learn and a passion for what you do!

Advanced PMU is based in Woodland Hills, CA but offers online courses to help aspiring and experienced PMU artists with their crafts. An also regularly travels around the world to conduct in-person training. She is considered the leading expert in scalp micropigmentation, a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that creates hair follicle impressions on the scalp.

The center likewise offers its own permanent makeup services.

A company spokesperson wrote, "We provide all the resources you need to market and grow your permanent makeup business. With our marketing guides, stock content, social media templates, and more, you’ll find all the resources you need to grow and market your PMU business. To make sure you’re always up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, all content and guides will be added/ updated regularly on a monthly basis."

What are you waiting for? Go to now so you can register!

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