Greensboro, NC Civil Litigation & Legal Advice For Victims Of Sex Trafficking

Sep 25, 2023

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sex trafficking or another form of sexual abuse, Kristen Beightol, Esq., offers legal services in and around Greensboro, with support and advice for survivors.

The aftermath of sexual abuse can be devastating, and you may not be sure which steps to take next.

Experienced sexual abuse attorney Kristen Beightol can provide you with compassionate support and experienced legal knowledge for the next phase of your journey.

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As the appointed Abuse Guardian attorney for North Carolina, Kristen focuses on championing your rights and walking you through the complex process of civil litigation and restitution.

Statistics from the Human Trafficking Hotline show there are hundreds of reported cases of sex trafficking in the state of North Carolina each year, and sexual abuse involving adults and minors can occur in a range of situations and industries, including illicit massage businesses, hotels, pornography, residence-based commercial sex enterprises, and escort services.

Kristen Beightol and her team are aware of the devastating effects of sex trafficking and acknowledge that you may have experienced other forms of abuse, too. “Victims of sex trafficking may suffer physical injuries as well as emotional trauma that requires specialized care and support,” says Kristen. “As skilled lawyers, we can connect you with resources such as counseling services or medical assistance while guiding you through the legal process.”

As North Carolina has severe legal penalties for sex trafficking, Kristen’s services include helping you and your loved ones pursue civil litigation as part of obtaining justice for harm caused.

Kristen and her team of legal professionals gather supporting evidence, establish a strong case against perpetrators, advocate for your rights, and seek fair compensation for you as you reclaim your life.

While pursuing individual cases of abuse and trafficking, Kristen also works to hold the hospitality industry accountable for its role in sexual abuse cases, bringing attention to hotels, motels, nightclubs, resorts, and other establishments that often turn a blind eye to exploitation on their premises.

If you suspect a case of sexual abuse or trafficking, Abuse Guardian provides a comprehensive list of signs and indicators, including physical injuries like bruises or scars, malnourishment, poor physical or dental health, and lack of possessions or identification documents.

Start your journey towards justice today with support from Kristen Beightol and the Abuse Guardian alliance.

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