Grammy Award Winning Musicians Call This the Best Guitar Pick Ever!

Jan 4, 2022

Goonis Picks were designed to empower your playing with more accuracy and endurance. Never drop, slip or spin another guitar pick again! Get the best guitar pick for your best playing!

Grammy Award Winning Musicians Call This the Best Guitar Pick Ever!

A New Year is just around the corner! This turning-of-the-calendar always offers the chance to level-up, to do it all bigger and better. So, give your guitar playing the extra edge it deserves, too!

Having the passion and skills for playing guitar is where it all starts. Having the right tools to help you build on that foundation is key to achieving your goals. That’s why Goonis Picks was created. Whether you play professionally or just for fun, these unique picks can empower your playing.

“The goal was to change the game with the best guitar pick ever created!” says inventor Jordan Goonis. “This pick helps guitarists do what they love and do it better than ever. The guitar pick is like a saddle for your thumb and finger. This design makes it the most comfortable and user-friendly pick in the industry.” Goonis knows what he’s talking about. As a design engineer by profession and studio and hobby musician, he brings both perspectives to the creation of these unique picks. “Guitarists say they play with more endurance and accuracy…and that’s important! Never drop, slip or spin another guitar pick again!”

Playing with a pick, in general, creates a brighter and warmer tone. It also gives you more control and allows you to explore new techniques. A pick of any style might feel a bit uncomfortable and clumsy at first, but the way this pick was designed makes it easy to adapt to. That’s why it’s a powerful tool for newbies and veteran players, alike.

And musicians at every level call Goonis Picks the best guitar picks they’ve ever used.

“This is a picker’s pick! It felt comfortable in the first couple of minutes. It did not move at all…the pick tip location absolutely solid. It allows the fingers and thumb to relax and thus play longer in more comfort and control.” – Wayne Johnson – Grammy Award Winning Guitarist

Check out Wayne playing with his Goonis Pick here!

Guitarists everywhere are leveling up, and the world deserves the world the best music possible.

Get the Best Guitar Pick…and Achieve Your Best Playing!

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