Goddess Sarasvati T-Shirt: NYC Street Art & Graffiti Printed Apparel Collection

Feb 15, 2024

Pay tribute to the beautiful Hindu goddess of art, music, and wisdom, Sarasvati, with Sarah James Jazz Merch’s newest tee in its line of graffiti-inspired apparel. Get your creatively inspiring design on a super comfy, 100% cotton long-sleeve tee today!

Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, we can all appreciate the need for creativity in our lives and benefit from being inspired to tap into the creative force within us. Sarah James Jazz Merch's latest design features the Hindu goddess Sarasvati, who has long been revered for connecting humans with the flowing waters of art, music, and wisdom.

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The Graffiti Tee Line

With this new shirt, Sarah James adds another iconic design to her line of graffiti-inspired t-shirts, all of which pay tribute to NYC's vibrant street art culture. Sarah strives to bring much-deserved attention to the work of NYC's graffiti artists by photographing their art before it is inevitably destroyed and printing it on stylish, 100% cotton shirts.

Wearing one of these unique graffiti tees means you can help immortalize the work of artists who make NYC the culturally rich place that it is!

Her most recent tee was specifically designed to be a symbol of praise and admiration for Sarasvati, who sits at the center of the shirt's design.

Connect With Sarasvati

Sarasvati is known as the goddess of knowledge, art, music, and wisdom, holding a highly respected place in Hindu mythology. Sarah James' new shirt depicts the goddess sitting cross-legged, playing the veena, a traditional Indian stringed instrument.

The goddess Sarasvati was chosen as the focus of this t-shirt due to her deep connection with artists and musicians, Sarah James being both of those. As she explains, "Adorned with grace and divine beauty, Sarasvati is known as the embodiment of creativity, intellect, and the power of speech."

This colorful design features layers of dreamy symbols of the natural world, including lotus flowers, clouds, and rivers, with which Sarasvati is also associated.

Through GearBubble, you can order the new long-sleeved Goddess Sarasvati t-shirt in a range of colors, including green, pink, red, blue, violet, and black.

Not only is this a beautiful, eye-catching design full of inspiration and cultural history, but it comes on a super comfortable 100% cotton tee with a crew neckline and in sizes small through 3XL, so you can get the perfect fit!

About Sarah James

Long-time artist Sarah James was born into a musical family in the New York metro area where she was raised by her parents and grandfather to appreciate jazz and traditional Irish music. As an adult, Sarah has worked as a performing and recording jazz singer, musician, and poet in cities across the United States. Currently, she focuses her art on promoting the rich cultural history of New York City, offering a range of merchandise and a YouTube channel with videos of her original music and poetry.

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