GoCoffeeGo Rises from the Ashes to Dominate the Coffee Online Subscription Biz

Dec 7, 2022

Life is too short for mediocre coffee! If you agree, check out GoCoffeeGo – the world’s first and best coffee subscription service!

GoCoffeeGo Rises from the Ashes to Dominate the Coffee Online Subscription Biz

Proving that nothing can keep a good woman - or a good business - down, Elise Papazian of GoCoffeeGo is taking the online coffee subscription industry by storm!

Celebrating 14 years in the coffee business and resilience in the face of personal and business challenges, Elise is proud to be offering a new roasted-to-order subscription service for clients across the US.

In response to the challenges faced in recent years, including the sudden death of Elise's husband and GoCoffeeGo co-founder Scott Pritikin and cyberbullying from competitors, Elise revamped her specialty coffee marketplace, adding more roasters from all over the world and introducing new options for the growing number of GoCoffeeGo subscribers.

“When my late husband and I started GoCoffeeGo, there was no real specialty coffee movement at the time or any real way to find truly great coffee at home. We answered that need,” said Elise Papazian. “We wanted to make it a fun site and kind of disarm people. There’s a lot of sort of snobbishness in wine and snobbishness in coffee - and we wanted everybody to have an amazing cup of coffee. Didn’t matter where you lived, you should be able to have access,” she added.

Born out of love for coffee and passion for helping indie roasters compete with big brands, GoCoffeeGo features coffee from over 32 roasters and offers a custom subscription service. Six 'pay-as-you-go' clubs are available along with a quiz to help you find your perfect club. All coffees are roasted-to-order, with light, medium light, medium, medium dark, and dark roast options available. You will be spoiled for choice! The good news is: you can always change your subscription in case you want to try something new.

A pioneer of the coffee industry and a coffee aficionado, Elise - also known as the Contessa of Coffee - believes that quality is paramount. “When you're cupping coffee, if it's good, it's not good enough,” she said. As such, her company uses a strict selection process and features the finest coffee from different regions of the world, including South and Central America, Asia, and Africa. No wonder over 10 million people use GoCoffeeGo to get their daily dose of premium coffee.

With the new roasted-to-order subscriptions, GoCoffeeGo and Elise celebrate the resilience of this now woman-owned business despite the challenges faced due to Scott's death, the pandemic, and unfriendly business practice in the online coffee industry.

“The ever-growing coffee community is a fun industry, actually, a blast to work in. It is full of misfits, geeks, mad scientists, and, most of all, passionate people who dance to the beat of their drums,” said Elise. “Like every John Hughes movie, somehow in coffee, the geeks became the cool kids.”

Despite the ruthless competition and cut-throat business practices in the online coffee industry, GoCoffeeGo is rising from the ashes stronger than ever - because, as we all know, real quality comes back stronger than a ‘90s trend!

To start your subscription, go to https://www.gocoffeego.com/subscribe

With over a thousand coveted coffees available, you're sure to find something that you'll love! Plus, the quiz is a ton of fun! And while you're answering the questions to find your perfect coffee, GoCoffeeGo will keep you singing and dancing to the tune of The Who's 1978 hit "Who Are You" - for real, I'm not joking. Check it out!

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