Go Braless Under Thin & Form-Fitting Clothes With Adhesive Silicone Breast Pads

Jul 10, 2023

Step up your style game with CleanSeams by Her Discretion, self-adhesive breast pads that let you go braless under thin and form-fitting clothing. Rock any outfit with confidence when CleanSeams are on the scene!

When you're ready to slay that show-stopping see-through blouse, the last thing you want to worry about are bra straps. But how do you keep the girls from making a surprise appearance while stepping up your style game?

The secret? CleanSeams by Her Discretion.

Say goodbye to the bra dilemma without compromising nipple coverage with the best breast pads on the market - CleanSeams by Her Discretion, here for your discretion.

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Backless dresses, plunging necklines, and blouses made with thin and translucent fabrics simply are not the same when worn with a bra. But with comfy silicone adhesive breast pads from CleanSeams, you can make the most of your favorite fashions without working around bulky bras and bra straps.

“By providing reliable coverage, CleanSeams helps enhance a woman’s confidence when they’re wearing thinner clothing or fashion-forward backless designs,” says a spokesperson for CleanSeams. “These types of fashions need to be attention-grabbing for the way they flatter a woman’s appearance, not for the way a bra or wardrobe malfunction can ruin the look.”

Made from BPA-free silicone and featuring medical-grade adhesive, CleanSeams breast pads are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and reusable. And thanks to their soft, flexible, ultra-thin design that thins from the middle to the edges, your pads give you the smooth, natural look you need. Their high-quality adhesive also ensures a snug fit, even in hot and humid conditions for a barely-there feel and reliable coverage.

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In addition to their incredible comfort, CleanSeams are resilient! Made from durable, high-quality materials, the pads can be worn again and again, making them a value-oriented, eco-friendlier choice when compared to single-use alternatives.

Each CleanSeams order comes with two sets of breast pads that are neatly tucked away in a luxuriously designed travel box you can throw into your purse or your luggage without worry. You can even display the box on your bedroom dresser or vanity, it's just that beautiful.

Virtually invisible under all types of clothing and fabric, there's no better option than CleanSeams by Her Discretion when you've gotta go braless in your sheer, form-fitting, and skin-bearing designs.

A recent customer says, “CleanSeams exceeded my expectations. The packaging is exceptional, and the quality of the nipple covers is true to the description. Adhesive is effective and they don’t show through your clothes. Five stars. Great buy.”

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