Get Vision Insurance Plans That Cover Your Family’s Prescription Eyeglasses

Sep 18, 2023

If you or members of your family wear prescription glasses, you’ll know the eye-watering sting of paying out for a new pair whenever they break. That’s where exclusively online insurance network Linneo can help with their vision insurance plans.

Dropping them, knocking them, forgetting them somewhere, heck, even just sitting down with them in your pocket. 

With so many ways they can be damaged or lost, knowing how to save money on your prescription glasses isn’t only helpful, it’s visionary

Linneo offers flexible plans with competitive premiums for individuals, families, and seniors in 44 US states to give you the best vision insurance. The company’s plans can cover prescription eyeglasses, non-prescription eyewear, contact lenses, and eye exams.

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Linneo aims to broaden access to eyecare, eyewear, and other vision needs if you don’t already have an eye insurance plan. It also aims to fill the service gaps for those with insurance, such as Medicare-covered seniors who must pay out-of-pocket costs for routine eye exams, eyeglasses, or contact lenses.

According to the Vision Council, more than 194 million Americans need vision correction. Vision insurance can help offset your costs for eye exams, eyeglasses, frames, or contacts since regular health insurance only covers eye-related medical problems, illnesses, and injuries.

Linneo vision insurance plans can cover a substantial amount of your annual comprehensive eye exams, which may include services such as telehealth consultations and prescription renewals. Depending on the plan allowance, the company may also shoulder the cost of prescription eyewear and contact lenses. As a member, you can also get discounts for your non-prescription sunglasses.

The company offers various eye insurance plans across 44 states and can include a plus one, or even for your entire family. When you enroll in any of the said programs, you are given immediate access to several online eyecare providers:

  • SmartBuyGlasses
  • Lensabl
  • Visibly
  • EyeCare Live
  • EyeQue

About Linneo

Headed by CEO Craig Kasten, Linneo is an exclusive online vision insurance network focusing on internet retailers. Besides offering flexible, allowance-based individual eye insurance plans, it also provides membership-based savings programs for those who want eyewear discounts.

See how much you can save on your vision care with Linneo private vision insurance plans.

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