Get Prescription Eyewear Discounts For Children & Teens With Vision Insurance

Oct 31, 2023

With Linneo, you can get affordable eye exams, reduced-rate glasses, and more both for you and your kids as part of an all-inclusive family plan!

When eyesight is so important for children, you owe it to them to get regular exams – because if vision correction is needed, the sooner it is received, the better.

Linneo offers family vision insurance plans that give you great discounts for full peace of mind. Don't let your little ones' eye issues go unnoticed. Make eye care more affordable today!

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Good vision helps your kids in the classroom

Linneo's vision insurance plan can help you address problems that could impact your kids' academic performance. Good eyesight has been linked to social development and overall well-being - with one recent John Hopkins study in Baltimore showing a clear improvement in reading and math performance for students who had received vision correction.

You have the freedom to visit the eye doctor of your choice. After the appointment, you can submit your exam receipts to Linneo for reimbursement up to the maximum allowance amount. This unrestricted provider access makes it easy for you to take your children to a convenient eye care provider, including the family optometrist you already know.

Get great deals online and save big

Unlike traditional vision insurance, Linneo's network focuses exclusively on online eyewear retailers. By partnering with these digital platforms, Linneo can pass significant savings directly along to you. What's more, you can browse hundreds of discounted prescription glasses and contacts online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery.

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With family plans, you can cover your own vision needs while securing discounts on contacts and eyeglasses for your children. As the price of kids' glasses and contacts rises, this multipurpose coverage provides relief for household budgets, Linneo explains.

Apply discounts at checkout with one click

The vision insurance plan works in a similar way to a gift card. You receive a set allowance that can be used like cash at checkout on partner e-commerce sites. To access available funds, you simply click the Linneo link during the payment process and the remaining balance is automatically applied.

The program provides access to care and treatment that is often needed multiple times throughout the year as children age. "Vision insurance is important for getting affordable and accessible eye care for yourself and your family members. A lot of eyewear and eyecare is prohibitively expensive without the right coverage," explains a company spokesperson.

Do you want more affordable eye care for you and the whole family? Get in touch!

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