Get US Private Luxury Aviation That Offers You The Right Aircraft For Every Trip

May 10, 2022

Fractional jet ownership programs never talk about one key thing; flexibility. With access to over 5,000 different aircraft, New York-based Star Jets International gets you the right aircraft at the best price.

Get US Private Luxury Aviation That Offers You The Right Aircraft For Every Trip

Whether you’re hopping cities for an important meeting or flying to France with the family for vacation, you will always have the right private aircraft for the trip at your fingertips. Better yet, with such a huge range of jets, helicopters, and turboprops to choose from, you know that availability won’t be such a major headache.

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When we need a private jet, many opt for fractional ownership or other membership program thinking that it provides the best value for money. However, the founders of Star Jets International found these solutions to lack satisfactory levels of service or flexibility. With its various aircraft options, the company believes that they offer one of the most flexible and cost-effective solutions in the aviation market.

Let’s take a look at fractional ownership for a moment. Under these programs, you share the costs associated with purchasing and operating a private aircraft, such as a business jet. Of course, this option allows you to reduce the cost of jet ownership while giving you access to private travel for a set number of hours each year. Sound good so far, right?

These programs also come with a lot of limitations. To begin with, you are restricted to one aircraft type, which may not suit all your travel needs. You are also competing with co-owners for a very limited resource, so the aircraft may not be available when you want to use it. The enhanced aircraft charter solution offered by Star Jets International means you can select the right aircraft for your trip with far less concern about availability.

Given the range of options now offered, the company states that its solution can also be much more economical than fractional ownership. In addition, your charter aircraft can be sized to fit between 4 and 100 passengers, as well as covering almost any distance you could wish for. Why limit yourself to one jet, when you can have access to over 5,000?

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About Star Jets International

Established by several executives who were frustrated with fractional ownership programs, Star Jets International now has access to a huge selection of private aircraft across the world, with additional options frequently being added. All aircraft flying in the US are operated by part 135 carriers.

A company representative recently stated: “We also offer the most flexibility in the private aviation marketplace by giving you the option to change your aircraft for your specific needs on each individual flight. We look forward to hearing from you and impressing you with outstanding service, knowledge of the industry, and unlimited aircraft solutions.”

Aircraft co-ownership might sound great, but does it really serve all your needs? Star Jets International gives you luxury travel that has endless options.

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