Get Top Autobody Collision Repair Buyer’s Guides & Product Demos For Jobbers

Mar 23, 2023

If you’re an automotive supplier or technician, knowing about the best and most state-of-the-art products and services is crucial. Thankfully, automotive information magazine The Autobody Source has buyer’s guides to help you out!

Get Top Autobody Collision Repair Buyer's Guides & Product Demos For Jobbers

Staying ahead in an industry that's constantly changing and evolving is tough. However, with a resource like The Autobody Source at your fingertips it doesn't have to be!

That's right! — If you're an autobody professional, the automotive information magazine's buyer’s guides aim to connect you with quality products at competitive prices. In addition to the buyer’s guides, the magazine also provides in-person product demonstrations to shops, warehouses, and training facilities.

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Because of the sheer amount of products and services available on the autobody market today, finding reputable information can often be difficult. Moreover, you might have to go to multiple sources to find the information you require. The Autobody Source eliminates the need to do this by providing detailed information on a variety of products and services all in one comprehensive resource.

The Autobody Source’s buyer’s guides cover a range of products and services from industry-leading brands. One recent buyer’s guide reviewed the JTAPE Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape, a masking application used before light priming, color application, and clear coat finishing. Another guide looked at the effectiveness of Pliogrip Impact Resistant Structural Adhesive, a specially formulated structural epoxy used in collision repair procedures.

In all guides, the experts at The Autobody Source detail the features, benefits, pros, and cons of the product being reviewed. They also explain how the product works, and even provide video demonstrations performed by representatives of the brand.

If you want more information beyond the guides, The Autobody Source also offers in-person product demonstrations as a supplement. They will coordinate with their partners nationwide to schedule an event, and provide an expert to demonstrate the product and answer any questions that may come up. The product demonstrations are open to technicians, students, instructors, and end users, and can be booked by visiting The Autobody Source website.

“The Autobody Source is an effective resource for the warehouse, the jobber, and the end user,” said a spokesperson for the magazine. “We differentiate ourselves ­with a publication that’s a direct avenue for autobody products and brands to the technicians in the shop.”

In addition to buyer's guides and product demos, The Autobody Source also provides career education resources to readers looking to get into the automotive industry. The magazine shares direct links to the skills and training programs required to get a career in autobody collision repair. They also publish dozens of articles discussing jobs, career fairs, market trends, and future tech.

The Autobody Source is also a hub for automotive culture. The magazine shares local interest stories, auto-show recaps, racing news, upcoming events, and contests. Their writers also contribute editorials and opinion pieces on the automotive industry, its history, and the direction it's heading in.

About The Autobody Source

The Autobody Source has been in continuous publication since 1992. They service over 17,000 jobber customers each year in the U.S. and Canada as well as Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

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