Get To Know LA’s Favorite Luxury Brand Strategist

Feb 26, 2020

Karissa Yson is LA’s most sought after luxury brand strategist. Take a peek into her inspiration and her unique take on branding.

Karissa Yson has today been recognized for becoming LA's most sough after luxury brand strategist. This recognition is, in part, a result of Yson's work within the creative brand strategy arena, specifically her work in implementing a unique method of extracting the brand essence of storytelling from luxury brands..

Yson, a native of Los Angeles, CA, has been involved with the creative brand strategy world for over 11 years, getting her start when Karissa knew her passion was not purely just creative but a balance of art, science and business. She knew there was a formula for each of her clients' companies and she found it. . In response to a question on the driving force behind her success, Yson has explained how it really boiled down to a true passion of the craft of brand storytelling and positioning..

Reflecting on the recognition Yson is quoted as saying: "I believe in using under-the radar methodologies, grassroots tactics, with a smartly and nimble approach."

In a recent one-to-one interview, Yson reminisced on other past achievements, which helped build momentum towards the present day. Notably, one of the proudest was maintaining an exclusive roster of clientele and them entrusting me with their brand cores..

In the same interview, Yson stated her intentions for the future. The primary goal for the next 12 months, Yson states, will be creating categorical sectors of expertise within my agency to equip my clients with more brains behind their sustainable long-term strategy.. Looking farther ahead, the aim is to develop an educational platform to develop up and coming female brand strategists using my KYMBA Method..

When asked more personally about how they want to be perceived and remembered, Yson said: "I'd like to be perceived as the one who knew how to take the temperature of the room and adjusted her methods accordingly. "

Yson closed the interview by sharing her recommendation for anybody who wanted to follow in her footsteps in some fashion, perhaps taking the achievements even further. According to Karissa Yson, the key is to out think the competition daily..

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