Get This Single-Press Wireless Android Auto Adapter For Your Car Head Unit

Oct 18, 2023

Tired of wires sticking out of your dashboard? Then get Carsifi, the innovative wireless Android Auto dongle!

Using Android Auto without wires doesn’t have to be a distant dream. That’s because Carsifi has a WiFi adapter that’s not only convenient but cost-effective, too.

With this device, you can easily pair your smartphone with your infotainment system. Furthermore, the WiFi adapter is compatible with all modern dashboards that already support wired Android Auto connections, so it’ll likely work with your car.

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Even if your car has no built-in WiFi, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless Android Auto connectivity through this innovative adapter. This compact dongle facilitates a hassle-free and no-lag connection using high-speed 5Ghz WiFi and the latest Bluetooth protocol.

The company has prioritized simplicity in the setup process. You are only required to pair your phone with the dongle once; the device will automatically and seamlessly connect to your smartphone whenever you start your vehicle.


Google's data reveals that around 150 million vehicles are equipped with Android Auto. While this application suite provides easy access to messaging, music, and news apps, it typically necessitates built-in WiFi for a seamless connection. This limitation leaves older vehicles at a disadvantage, which is why Carsifi offers an affordable solution to bridge this gap.

What sets the Carsifi adapter apart is its compatibility with a broad spectrum of vehicles, irrespective of your car’s age or make. Furthermore, it extends support to earlier versions of Android Auto, including Version 8 and below, with the assistance of a companion app.

Another helpful feature is the WiFi adapter’s ability to accommodate multiple users. A simple press of a button enables a smooth transition between user profiles. This means that your family members or friends can effortlessly switch between their individual profiles without the need for reconfiguration. 

Ihor Martsekha, CEO of Carsifi, spoke about the adapter's significance, stating: "Carsifi is a viable solution if you want wireless Android Auto connectivity without the hassle and expense of upgrading your vehicle's entertainment system. We designed this adapter to be user-friendly, dependable, and cost-effective so that the vast majority of drivers can use it.”

You can now purchase Carsifi directly from the company's website. Domestic orders are typically fulfilled within two to four days, while international purchases require seven days for delivery. 

Driving with no pesky cables getting in the way? It’s finally possible with Carsifi! Order now and unlock a whole new way to drive.

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