Get The Travel Accessories and Kennels Your Pet Needs From This Retailer

Apr 29, 2021

Looking to safely travel with your pets? Call the local New Jersey pet supply store Paws Gear 4U to get the travel accessories, seats, and kennels you need!

Never compromise on your pet’s safety during trips and vacations – call the New Jersey online pet store Paws Gear 4U to get the premium travel supplies and accessories you need!

Paws Gear 4U, an online pet supply retailer based in New Jersey, have recently updated their online store, now offering a range of premium travel supplies designed to help pet owners transport their animals in style and comfort.

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Paws Gear 4U are dedicated to providing you access to unique, affordably priced pet products for use during traveling, as well as staying at home. Their newly expanded online product range includes a selection of harnesses, accessories, grooming tools, exercise equipment, and beds.

Their specialty products are ideal if you are an animal lover, including if you own cats, dogs, marine animals, reptiles, and birds. Additionally, Paws Gear 4U provide you with helpful articles for if you are looking to learn more about how you can make transporting your domestic animals easier, including guides to finding waterproof seat covers, strollers, carriers, and drinking accessories.

Their team pride themselves on offering a customer oriented online shopping experience, supplying you with high-quality products designed to help you transport pets safely. Their newly updated range of travel products have been constructed to ensure the safety of both pets and drivers during transportation, including their Pet Net Safety Mesh Car Barrier, which is ideal for large and medium-sized dogs.

You can fit the net barriers into your car, van, SUV, or truck quickly and easily without the need for additional attachments or hardware in the vehicle. The mesh material allows you and your pet to see each other while preventing animals from distracting you while driving. Moreover, their booster seats provide you with a sturdy and secure option if you are looking to travel with smaller pets.

The seat covers and cushions, which come in a range of colors, can be machine-washed for easy clean up, and provide your pets with comfort during long drives. Their range of mobile pens are perfect for taking dogs and cats on vacation or business trips, complete with a secure locking system and casters that prevent your pets from escaping or injuring themselves.

Their online store also showcases a range of American-made, plastic pet kennels that fit airline transportation requirements and have 360 degree ventilation.

A spokesperson for the company said “Through our years of industry experience, we have gone to great lengths to offer the best quality pet travel gear to our customers at affordable prices, as we know our customers will always be the key to our success!”

Paws Gear 4U are the specialist pet store offering travel crates, nets, and seats for cats and dogs – call them today at +1-833-422-7600 to get the animal transportation solutions you need!

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