Get The Safest Portable Newborn Baby Sleep Wrap For Travel, Camping & Boating

Dec 3, 2021

Looking for the safest travel bassinet? Get the Sleepwrap® instead! This innovative portable sleeping wrap can be attached to any mattress and is perfect for travel. Free worldwide shipping is available.

With the holiday season approaching fast, you’re probably wondering how to organise your baby’s sleep during overnight stays with family and friends. Or maybe you’re planning a camping or boating trip, or even a family getaway in another country?

Well, we have good news for you – you don’t need to bring those heavy portable bassinets! Safe T Sleep®, a company based in New Zealand, offers convenient and lightweight safe sleeping wraps for babies and toddlers. They fit standard and portable cribs, can also be used on aeroplanes, boats, caravans, and all sizes of beds, making them a must-have travel item.

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The Sleepwrap® has been designed to help prevent baby sleep injuries, SIDS, and head deformities, without restricting the infant’s natural movement. It can be used from birth until the age of two. The lightweight, portable wrap is a compact and practical item for helping your baby or toddler sleep in any place and situation. It is essentially a baby bed in a bag, as it can easily fit into a glove compartment, handbag or briefcase.

The Sleepwrap consists of two parts. One is secured around the mattress, the other one is wrapped around your baby’s torso, helping them sleep in the safest position – on their back. At the same time, it does not restrict the natural movement of the infant’s limbs and hips, ensuring healthy development.

The wrap is made of washable, breathable, 100% cotton. With a TOG rating of only 0.27, it promotes comfortable, restful sleep all year round. You can also use it with all kinds of sleepwear, including swaddling wraps and baby sleeping bags.

You can use the Sleepwrap on planes, boats, RV’s, motorhomes, in caravans, campervans and holiday cabins. The Large size wrap is the most convenient option for travel due to its versatility. It can be used with portable cots and bassinets, or even as an alternative to one altogether. You can also attach it to mattresses of different sizes, including king and queen-size beds. Learn more at

The Mini size, suitable for newborns and babies up to six months old, is the best choice for an aeroplane bassinet. Check it out at

“The Safe T Sleep performed very well on the boat and was attached to Anna’s bunk which is head-high on me,” said a satisfied customer. “The real test came on a trip back from Waiheke in very rolling seas which were uncomfortable for me to stand up and Anna slept safely cuddled in her Safe T Sleep for two hours.”

The Sleepwrap is a budget-friendly and travel-friendly item for parents of twins and multiples, as it gives them the opportunity to position their babies next to each other safely and comfortably, without having to bring two portable cots. The Safe T Sleep website features a demonstration of how the wrap can be used with twins. Learn more at

One mother of twins said: “Thanks Safe T Sleep for helping us have the sleep-filled holiday we were dreaming of with our twins on our 3 week caravan holiday!”

The Sleepwrap was invented in 1976 by Miriam Rutherford-van Gisbergen, a mother and nurse. She wanted to create a swaddle that would prevent her 10-month-old son from climbing out of his cot without restraining him. Since then, this innovative wrap has helped hundreds of thousands of babies sleep safely, with a 100% safety record. It can help your child too!

The company offers free shipping worldwide, which allows parents all over the world to have peace of mind, knowing their baby is safe and comfortable.

When it comes to your little one’s safety, don’t make any compromises. Choose the Sleepwrap, the world’s safest sleeping wrap, for your baby.

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