Get The Most Photogenic Gender-Neutral Baby Swaddles For A Newborn’s First Shoot

Nov 19, 2022

Take photos of your newborn that you will truly treasure forever, thanks to jolly swaddles and their new Instagram-worthy photoshoot collection of organic swaddles.

Get The Most Photogenic Gender-Neutral Baby Swaddles For A Newborn’s First Shoot

You won’t be able to put the camera down when your new shipment of jolly swaddles’ swaddles arrives at your door!

jolly swaddles’ new photoshoot collection is made exclusively from the finest organic cotton, bamboo and rayon blend, and is designed to keep your newborn baby supremely comfortable during any photoshoots. Whether you are planning an informal or professional photoshoot, jolly swaddles has carefully curated their new line of swaddles for their photogenic quality, and with maximum cuteness in mind.

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jolly swaddles’ new photoshoot collection has been launched at a moment in which, according to Refinery29, 95% of mothers post photos of their babies and children on social media, with one in four uploading new photos of their kids every day. With Instagram becoming cemented as the way in which we share our lives, the majority of moms now describe that sharing pictures of their babies or kids is a part of their identity.

It is this desire to share photos with your nearest and dearest that has prompted jolly swaddles to create a line purely with photoshoots in mind, whether they are planned or spontaneous ones.

Highlights of jolly swaddles’ new collection that you’re sure to love include their Little Sloth – Bean & Hat. This gender-neutral set features charming cartoon images of a sleepy sloth hanging from a tree. With a crisp white base, the sloths are colored with soft, dreamy natural hues, making it the perfect accompaniment to your sleeping newborn. If you’re after the ultimate photoshoot experience, it also comes with a matching soft hat.

If you are looking for distinctly girls’ or boys’ pieces, you can also choose from new items like jolly swaddles’ dusty rose-hued Little Pink Leaf – Hat & Bean or their powder blue Little Blue Cloud – Hat & Swaddle.

The good news is that jolly swaddles’ new swaddles are also versatile. They can comfortably be used for your newborn until they’re a one-year-old. Moreover, between snapping away photos, you can utilize them as baby blankets, changing or play mats, and more.

jolly swaddles is an online boutique on a mission to make the experience of new moms and babies around the US more comfortable and cute than ever.

A spokesperson for the retailer said, “Handcrafted with comfort for your bean using organic blends of bamboo, rayon and cotton, our swaddles are perfect for a memorable photo or your next snuggle.”

You will love taking photos of your precious bean as they grow throughout their first months on Earth, thanks to jolly swaddles.

Visit to pick out your favorite prints from their new photoshoot collection.

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